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Madden League Sign up (for 360)

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  • Madden League Sign up (for 360)

    I would like to start a Madden League on XBOX LIVE.

    Dont know if you guys do things like that on here, but what you do is pick a team and then when all teams are filled we play eachother according to the 2007 schedule, so for example whoever is the Cardinals would play whoever is the 49ers their 1st game and then their 2nd game they would play their week 2 opponent.

    Each team should keep track of his or her stats, after every week send me the stats for that game and I will keep track of all the stats and make a thread so everyone can see who the league leaders are. and at the end of the season we will have all the awards.

    if you have any questions just PM me. Also, if you have an Instant Messnger (AIM, YAHOO, MSN) please put that down so people can get a hold of you.

    My Team: Rams
    AIM: biggame3527
    Gamertag: stlfanatic09

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    Sure I will try it. Hope we get some commited people.

    Team: Seahawks
    Gamertag: DwarfThrower
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      If you're going to have a league, this is the way to go.


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        Only 2 people so far?

        Come on guys!


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          i would if i had xbox and live ... just ps2.
          I remember: Sean Taylor



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            Nitschke-Hawk send me a friend request

            EA = Rush23Hester. I am in a league where the people don't cheat if you would like in it as well.


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              im down but my router is down at the moment
              gamertag: abtars


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                im not sure if ill be able to on weeknights.. deff during on the weekend though...
                if you guys are gonna be playing the majority of the games during school hours/weeknights i wont be able to do it, but if its mostly weekends
                my gamertage - razz 10
                team - broncos

                not for sure if someone that can make a better time commitment wants that team go ahead n take em
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