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Dozens in Texas report seeing UFO

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    There were mass UFO sightings in San Diego on New Years Eve as well. However with the high concentration of military bases in the San Diego area it is likely to be military aircraft.


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      Here is an example, say there are 100 billions galaxies in the universe and maybe what? ******* a couple thousand of them have the capability of producing life? Are those good odds? Uh, no. Those are made even lessor likely by the examples I have provided.

      DO you think repeating it's not low will make it high? Two can play this game. ( not to mention my examples are reinforced by leading astrophysicists);providing two examples of ****** evidence of something dosen't make it true because your transcendental winds want it to.
      But it is likely that on at least a couple of those thousand that have the capability of producing life do actually produce life.

      Yes I am sure no leading astrophysicists believe the chance of intelligent life to be large enough to search for it...
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        does kangaroo taste good??
        Yeah not bad, pretty steaky.



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