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Will Shaq get his fourth ring?

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    Originally posted by Patriots-Lions
    Originally posted by Texico From Mexico
    Originally posted by draftguru151
    Originally posted by Texico From Mexico
    This thread is funny...the Mavs do not have to have an answer for Shaq, the Heat will have no answer for the Mavs as a Team. The Mavs already beat the best team in the NBA and that was San Antonio, then they beat the liitle fast break team. I think this will be a cakewalk for the Mavs, and nowhere near as hard as the San Antonio series.

    Consider it a DONE DEAL people....and give the Mavs thier due!
    Just a question, did you watch the pistons series? There isn't a team in the league, not the Mavs, not San Antonio, that can stop that team. It's classic diesel, the shimmy shake, white chocolate, Zo, the glove, Haslem, Posey... and I'm forgetting someone, oh yea, the unstoppable force that is Dwayne Wade. This series isn't gonna be close.

    Tex, what happened to LenDale "top 10 talent" White?

    One question, who has homecourt?
    DING....time to sound the idiot alert!!!! We have a winner folks.....

    Hey shouldnt you be out somewhere trying to figure out

    Why the Dolphins have not won a Superbowl since 1974!

    If you do not know who has home court then you need to back away from the computer and never be allowed on this board ever again you fool!!

    We have home court!!!!
    You're the bigger idiot. If you have to react in such a childish way to his comment then you should never post here again. The sad thing is you are probably in your 20's but act like you're 12.
    I know you are not talking to me.... If you are you should know better.



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