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    Originally posted by umphrey View Post
    Comparing adderall to coffee is like comparing steroids to a multi is relatively safe and available to everyone, with mild effects and doesn't really help you much. Adderall does a lot more than help you stay awake. The other is a prescription drug that is not available to most and requires you to break the law. It has lots of adverse effects and does a lot of work for you.

    Interesting, I know people that are addicted to coke and sometimes take adderall to satisfy the craving (help them quit...kinda).
    I'm not saying they are similar, but if you consider adderall cheating then coffee belongs in the same group. Caffeine is a stimulant and aids concentration and alertness, and is also addictive. The steroids comparison doesn't work with adderall because like yourfave said adderall doesn't make you smarter like steroids make you stronger. Adderall aids concentration, which leads you then to become smarter by learning. If you want to compare it to some sort of supplement then compare it to creatine.

    Eh the laws are too black and white for society to function under them without breaking a few. Borrowing a friends adderall I'd say is about the same in moral wrongness as underage drinking.


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      It can make you focus more than you usually do. It's a huge problem in colleges. I know it is here. Personally, I prefer to use caffeine. Adderall is overrated if you ask me. As for use to help those with ADD, my friend uses it because his ADD is pretty bad and it allows him to study normally.

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