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    All Star Baseball with Jeter on the cover >>>> MVP with anyone on the cover...

    I absolutely loved making an expansion team on ASB, picking my stadium, having an EXPANSION draft of real MLB players and having my team and another expansion franchise play in a realistic dynasty mode...The game even had mascots and you had one with your expansion team.

    I loved that game. Then like any franchise, they take the things people like out. Next year's ASB didn't have the expansion. I love how on Madden '08 I can create a playbook, oh wait...

    Let's get some activity going in the Cleveland sub-forum!


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      My article is better:
      IGN: Right. Well, today we're obviously talking heavily about exclusivity and deals and whatnot. With Backbreaker showing -- I take it you're familiar with Backbraeker a little bit?

      Oh yea.

      IGN: Well they seem to be pushing technology forward a little bit, I don't want to say more so than Madden has, but they're hoping to reinvent the way football is played on consoles and they're doing this through new technology. I'm sure you're away of the new technology they're putting into it. Any aspirations of one day signing that technology to use in Madden or looking elsewhere for new technology ideas?

      Moore: Yeah, I mean one thing we are working on -- again, no announcements here -- but I can tell you that we continue to look at physics engines and we're still not quite in the world of football videogames in true physics with regard to a player hitting a certain player at a certain angle and a certain speed and what have you, I think we're very good...

      IGN: Definitely. Last year's game was as good as it has ever looked.

      Moore: I've seen some things, and no announcements yet, but I've seen some things that will continue improving [on that]. It's the one thing that we look at every year, "How do we improve the physics of collision? How do we make it feel like it's truly a football game?" It's sometimes the one Achilles heel when you're watching a videogame versus watching the real game, I think we've got the graphics down pretty good but the physics are still, because it's such an interesting game in regards to the different angles you get hit at, it feels like no two tackles are ever the same and, you know, we've gotta be able to replicate that within our physics engine and we're on that.
      f*** EA

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      JBalla is mormon, so naturally he assumes that whenever you get one marriage done, another two or five are in the works.


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        the best NFL game was NFL Fever for xbox. it was as good as it gets.

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          Originally posted by Charm City Byrdgang View Post
          I do not know why you are complaining. 2k's latest football game, All Pro Football 2k8 was complete garbage. Madden 08 blew that trash out of the water by far.
          Yet Madden 08 still isn't as good as NFL 2K5 imo. Funny how that is.
          The whole world loves neophyte athletic tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami with the 95th pick. "Best pick in the draft,'' one AFC coach told me. "Give him time, and in that offense, he'll be better than [Jeremy] Shockey by the start of next year.''

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            noooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i want a good madden



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