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    Its called Pocket Tanks and its the best game ever made.

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      Sounds exactly like a game I used to play more then 10 years ago called Tank Wars.


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        Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
        Does anyone have a link to the game where it's basically one on one with tanks and you shoot various types of rockets at the other guy, and if you miss the ground kinda caves in a little, and there's a wind factor and everything? A ton of rep will be given if anyone knows what the hell im talking about! i used to play that a lot, can't really find it anymore.
        There are a lot of games like that

        That one is my fav

        Another great game I think was posted on here awhile ago in its own thread.

        Fun little physics game
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          It's the top played strategy game all time at under the strategy catagory...tank wars or w/e it's called.


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            Oh, hell! Yall just want to ruin my life and turn me into a computer game playing hermit, don't you.

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