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    Rule the Seas is just a simple online browser based RPG, but I think its a lot of fun. They basically restarted a new server of the game recently so its a pretty even playing field.

    Basically you're a pirate and you get xp and work on skills and stuff. Just some quick advice:
    1) Lucky Dip everyday, you can usually get $100,000
    2) Get a bank account as soon as you have $25,000
    3) Dig for treasure 100 times everyday (all can be done at 1 time)
    4) Another good way to get some cash is to play the slot machine, you'll always come out with a profit.
    5) Vote for the ruletheseas, and you can get 20+ points a day, then you can sell those points for around $60,000 right now.
    6) Busting people out of prison is a really easy way to get xp, but you have to have pretty high speed to be able to do it
    7) The better the house you have, the more skill you get from training.
    8) IMPORTANT: if you're planning on having a large amount of money out at once, attack someone that is a higher level than you so you will be in the injury ward. If you dont, people will mug all of your money away.

    If you sign up please use my referral link.

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