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  • Originally posted by Nerv
    Yes send me an invite as well Id like to watch the last couple rounds.


    • Originally posted by LTgiants
      Originally posted by Nerv
      Yes send me an invite as well Id like to watch the last couple rounds.
      its over


      • dam!


        • LA Dodgers

          C - Brian McCann
          1b - Mark Teixeira
          2b - Dan Uggla
          ss - Hanley Ramirez
          3b - Eric Chavez
          of - Matt Holliday
          of - Carlos Beltran
          of - Matt Kemp
          dh - Chris Shelton

          sp - Brad Penny
          sp - Dontrelle Willis
          sp - Scott Kazmir
          sp - Jeff Francis
          sp - Ervin Santana
          cp - Eric Gagne


          • Originally posted by javon favre
            The Best Team
            Blue Jays

            1B: Albert Pujols
            2B: Robinson Cano
            SS: Derek Jeter
            3B: Hank Blalock
            OF: Jeff Francoeur
            OF: Willy Taveras
            OF: Jeremy Hermida
            DH: Jonny Gomes
            P: Jake Peavy
            P: Rich Harden
            P: Barry Zito
            P: Brett Myers
            P: Joe Blanton
            CP: Francisco Rodriguez
            You forgot catcher..


            • The Boston Red Sox AKA The greatest team ever

              C Josh Willingham
              1B Derek Lee
              2B Jorge Cantu
              3B Chone Figgins
              SS Michael Young
              OF Andruw Jones
              OF Vernon Wells
              OF Carlos Lee
              DH Alfonso Soriano

              SP Felix Hernandez
              SP Mark Buehrle
              SP Pedro Martinez
              SP Zach Duke
              SP Paul Maholm
              CP Huston Street


              • The Brewers

                C - Russ Martin (23 years old)
                1b - Justin Morneau (25 years old)
                2b - Rickie Weeks (23 years old)
                ss - Jimmy Rollins (27 years old)
                3b - Ryan Zimmerman (21 years old)
                Lf - Carl Crawford (25 years old)
                cf - Grady Sizemore (23 years old)
                rf - Alexis Rios (24 years old)
                dh - Brandon Wood (21 years old)

                sp - Johan Santana (27 years old)
                sp - Brandon Webb (27 years old)
                sp - Justin Verlander (23 years old)
                sp - Josh Johnson (22 years old)
                sp - Jeremy Bonderman (23 years old)
                cp - Craig Hansen (22 years old)


                • Top 5 undrafted:

                  1. Joel Zumaya- Future stud closer. I've seen him pitch comfortably between 99-101 and I've also seen the radar gun read 104 in one game. If he improves his curve and fully develops his change-up he will be down right unhittable.

                  2. Alex Gordon- This guy has the most upside of any 3B out there. I thought he should've been drafted. Not all the 3B drafted have the defense that Gordon has and he has amazing hitting potential.

                  3. Stephen Drew- Probably the most ML ready SS in the minors right now. Was the consensus #1 pick coming out of college (fell because he was a Boras client). I felt someone should've taken him based on his pedigree and potential.

                  4. Freddy Sanchez- Some don’t think he’ll stick around for long and although he doesn’t have amazing potential, he has decent potential. His production this year has been too good to ignore. The age might’ve been a factor (28 turning 29) but he is still a young guy that can produce for 5-7 more years.

                  5. Garrett Atkins- He has been probably the most underrated young player in the majors. He’s hitting over .330 and is a pretty good defender. He’s not that old at 26 and I felt he should’ve been drafted over some of the other 3B.

                  Top 3 reaches:

                  1. Alex Rodriguez- I hate this pick. Yes, A-Rod is the second best player in the majors, but in a dynasty draft I don’t think you draft a SS that is about to turn 31 number 2 overall. He’ll hang around for another 5-7 years but you want more longevity out of your first round pick, especially the second overall pick.

                  2. Travis Hafner- He is a good young player with loads of potential but he’s also a DH. Not sure if I would go with a DH in the second round Hafner probably should’ve dropped a round or two later minimum and I think you need to take a nice combination of offense and defense with your first few picks.

                  3. Miguel Tejada- Another 30 year old SS, this time in the 2nd round, not the first. I thought there were younger alternatives and for my money I’d prefer a Michael Young in the 5th over a Miguel Tejada in the 2nd.

                  Top 3 steals:

                  1. Delmon Young- He lasted all the way until the 11th or 12th round of this draft. Someone with as much potential as he does shouldn’t have gone that low. I understand he has the attitude problems and has never played in the majors, but as one scout put it, “Delmon is going to be as good as Delmon wants to be.”

                  2. Justin Verlander- This guy was rated by most as either the 2nd or 3rd pitching prospect in all of baseball. He has been pitching very well his rookie year and in a dynasty draft someone like this should go in the top 4 rounds. He should’ve gone before guys like Sabathia, Zito, and Oswalt.

                  3. Justin Upton- As one scout said, “There is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to baseball prospects. But if there were, their names would be Delmon Young and Justin Upton.” The best high school prospect to ever come out, someone needed to risk a top 7 or 8 pick on his potential.


                  • For my last pick, I'm gonna go homer... I'll take SP Edison Volquez.


                    • Black Sox

                      C Victor Martinez
                      1B Ryan Howard
                      2B Chase Utley
                      3B Morgan Ensberg
                      SS Felipe Lopez
                      OF Nick Swisher
                      OF Delmon Young
                      OF Miguel Cabrera
                      DH Adam Dunn

                      SP Chris Carpenter
                      SP Francisco Liriano
                      SP Chris Capuano
                      SP Chad Billingsley
                      SP Edison Volquez

                      RP Brad Lidge


                      • Black Sox

                        That my vote


                        • should the judges post their top teams?

                          Go Ravens!


                          • Originally posted by jkpigskin
                            should the judges post their top teams?


                            • Originally posted by jkpigskin
                              should the judges post their top teams?
                              no not yet


                              • add C Joe Mauer to my team, how could i forget him



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