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  • DRAFT: The NFLDC Hero League

    DRAFT: The NFLDC Hero League

    It’s late one Friday night and college student Shane P. Hallam is laying around his apartment. About to head to sleep, Shane heads out to the lobby to check his mail and finds a completely unmarked envelope in his mailbox. He quickly opens it up to find a one-way plane ticket to Minnesota for the next afternoon. After tossing and turning all night, Shane woke up in a cold sweat with the plane ticket next to him. Something drew him to take the plane from Columbus to Minnesota, so Shane decided to take the next step and take the chance on the plane. It was the weekend, and what was there to lose?

    As Shane arrived in Minnesota, shades on, he went outside to see a limo with a driver outside holding a sign up with Shane’s name on it. Shane shrugged his shoulders and decided to keep going along with this act. As he approached the limo, the driver said nothing, and just got in. The two drove away. The limousine went through some of the backwoods of Minnesota, eventually ending up at a high tech loft tucked neatly where no one could find it.

    As Shane got out of the limousine and entered the house, he immediately knew where he was. The walls were covered with framed jerseys of every #1 pick in NFL history. This was the house of Scott Wright. Shane walked down through the living room to a long hallway with a large steel double door. He entered the double door only to be scared out of his mind.

    There he was, the incarnation of Scott Wright. Why had Shane been summoned? What was so necessary to come all the way to Minnesota?

    Shane: “Hello…”

    Scott Wright: “JBond, you have been brought to my house because I drastically need your help.”

    Shane: “What do you need me to do? Is the site down?”

    Scott Wright: “No JBond, I am in grave danger, NFLDC is in grave danger, and anyone who has ever logged onto the site is in grave danger. Darnik44Two has acquired a list of every person to ever access the site. He and NFLspot have a plan in motion to destroy me, you, and everyone else who have ever seen it, essentially shutting NFLDC down. You must stop them.”

    Shane: “What am I supposed to do?”

    Scott Wright: “Create a team of 4 warriors, no more, no less. You shall be the first warrior since your intelligence and guile can lead this team.”

    Shane: “Why only four? Why not get an army?”

    Scott Wright: “Don’t question me, just do it. We have little time. The NFLspot headquarters is located in an old warehouse in downtown Pittsburgh.”

    Shane: “But wha…”

    Scott Wright: “No more questions! Go now!”

    Scott’s entity immediately disappeared, and JBond was left wondering what to do from here. Scott said to gather up three more people for this force, and JBond knew he had to do just that. And immediately, he knew who the first member would be, but it required a flight to Orlando Florida.

    JBond entered the campus of Central Florida and immediately started toward Ferrell Commons. Directly outside, JBond saw a mammoth of a man with the strength of one and a half men.

    JBond: “Draftguru!”

    DG: “What?”

    JBond: “I need your help…well, Scott needs your help.”

    DG: “JBond? What the **** are you doing here?”

    JBond: “Obviously I wouldn’t come see you unless it was important. I have a mission and I need your help.”

    DG: “Hell no, I don’t even know you.”

    JBond: “You know me, you know you do. Look, I can’t explain now, we have to head to Rochester Michigan.”

    DG: “What? I’m not going anywhere.”

    JBond: “The site is in danger DG, so are all of us. Look, just come with me and if you want to quit at anytime, you can.”

    DG: “Fine, but you better explain it all on the way.”

    JBond and DraftGuru catch the next flight to Rochester Michigan and head straight to Oakland University. After searching for about an hour, they came upon a house only to find the pirate they wanted to see inside.

    JBond: “P-L, we need your help, darnik is going to try and ruin NFLDC by killing us all.”

    PL: “Arrrrrggghhh”

    DG: “WTF?”

    JBond: “I like your attitude P-L, let’s go.”

    PL: “Darnik is done for.”

    DG: “Where are we going to next?”

    JBond: “We need a fourth who has no fear. A guy who has committed online suicide again and again and comes out fighting. We need the Pubestache.”

    JBond, P-L, and DraftGuru travel to Raymond S. Kellis High School where the Cougars are practicing secondary drills. The three men spy a 5’7 DB with one of the best Pubestaches on the planet. They go onto the field and approach him.

    JBond: “Hines, come on, we have a job to do.”

    HWJ: “I’m there.”

    The team of four finally travel right into Pittsburgh. Bond looks fondly at his hometown, but knows he is prepared to do what has to be done. HinesWardJr is still in his football gear, P-L in his pirate outfit, and Draftguru in his typical T-Shirt and shorts.

    JBond: “Here it is, 1832 Carson Street, the old abandoned warehouse Scott was talking about.”

    DG: “Seems like darnik spared no expense for NFLspot.”

    PL: “So how do we get in, the door is locked.”

    HWJ: “I got it.”

    HinesWardJr attempts to kick the door in, only to have nothing happen. Draftguru then headbutts the wooden door, revealing a hole allowing it to be unlocked. As the four guys go inside, it is completely dark. As soon as they enter, several lights click on. Above them, on a catwalk, stands two men. One is recognizable as darnik, dressed in a white T-Shirt with an ironed on NFLspot logo and jean shorts.

    The other has a T-Shirt with Brady Quinn’s picture on it and a heart around it and sweatpants.

    Darnik: “You fools think you can infiltrate our headquarters? Think again!”

    Darnik jumps off of the catwalk, runs into a room with a steel door and locks it.

    Other Man: “Don’t you recognize me? It’s Severe Punishment, and it is time you make you four my *****!”

    Severe Punishment grabs a bag next to him on the cat walk and pulled out what looks like a football. He tosses it off of the catwalk towards JBond. JBond tries to catch it but drops it, and it explodes, sending JBond against the wall.

    P-L: “Football Bombs!”

    Severe Punishment continues to toss bombs as everyone scatters. P-L tosses his Pirate Dagger at Severe Punishment, but misses. Severe Punishment tosses 4 more football bombs off of the catwalk at the four men. The 5th he tosses, Hineswardjr leaps out and catches it, despite the risk of getting blown up. After catching the bomb, Hineswardjr slings it back at Severe Punishment and hits the wooden catwalk, blowing it up and sending Severe Punishment to the ground. DraftGuru then grabs Severe Punishment and picks him up over his head, running towards the steel door darnik is locked behind. Draftguru begins to bang Severe Punishment’s head against the door.

    JBond: “Make him open the door!”


    Darnik: “Hold on”

    After another few seconds, darnik opens the door and the five men stumble in. Darnik side stepped the open door and grabbed P-L with a gun against his head. There is an old McIntosh computer behind darnik and P-L. Severe Punishment is passed out in the back of the room as Hineswardjr, DraftGuru and JBond watch darnik cautiously.

    Darnik: “Nobody move or I’ll kill him!”

    Hineswardjr, despite this warning, charges at darnik. Darnik takes the gun and shoots Hineswardjr in his left shoulder.

    Darnik: “You fools! I will start with P-L and destroy all of the NFLDC fanbase! Including Scott Wright!”

    JBond: “Look at Darnik, you don’t have to do this.”

    Darnik: “Screw you!”

    Darnik recocks his gun as Severe Punishment is revived. SEVERE PUNISHMENT gets up and stumbles toward the group. JBond grabs him as Darnik shoots and missed. JBond, HineswardJr, and Draftguru then use SEVERE PUNISHMENT’s body as a human shield. Darnik begins firing erraticely into SEVERE PUNISHMENT’s body. They ram SEVERE PUNISHMENT’s body into darnik and P-L. Darnik drops the gun and stumbles backward.

    JBond: “PL get on that computer and wipe everything!”

    PL rushes to the computer and begins working furiously. Darnik scrambles toward the door as DraftGuru steps on his hand. Darnik punches DG in the crotch and then makes a run for it.

    Darnik: “You haven’t seen the last of me!”

    P-L: “I wiped the hard drive, everything is gone, the names, addresses, and everything darnik had, even his whole site.”

    HineswardJr: “He’s getting away!”

    JBond: “Let him go, his headquarters is done for, his site is done for, it will be a long time before we hear from darnik again.”

    JBond takes the gun and fires into the computer, blowing it up as the four men exit.

    JBond: “Hopefully we’ll never have to get together again. But we’ve formed a new group here you guys. We are DRAFT.”

    HineswardJr: “DRAFT, nice.”

    DraftGuru: "That name is ***."

    JBond: “Shut up DG. Well, Good luck, I’m sure Scott will be proud. Our work is done.”

    As DRAFT is walking away from the scene, there is a pair of eyes watching them through binoculars.

    Man: “The damn DRAFT. They think they can defend NFLDC? Well, they haven’t seen anything yet.”

    The man begins to laugh as he puts on a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey with “Jones-Drew” on the back.
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    Greatest thread ever. I mean ever.



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      how long did this take you to make?

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        ....Epic Win.


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          I'll be first so say it...

          HOF worthy?


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            Originally posted by Tampa 2 4 life View Post
            ....Epic Win.
            i don't think that can be reiterated enough.

            minus the ginger.
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              So this is what happens when a collection of young, nerdy, males get together on an internet forum...


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                That name IS ***.

                And aq you know you love me. <3
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                That is correct comahan
                I ******* LOVE YOU DG
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                  ******* awesome


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                    I wish you would've killed Severe Punishment; the guy is a complete dipshit

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                      That was amazing!!!

                      Originally posted by Halsey
                      I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                        Draftguru begins to bang Severe Punishment’s head against the door.




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                          Great thread JBond.

                          Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig


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                            wow Draft.. lol


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                              next week. snuff as dr. no.
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