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DRAFT: The NFLDC Hero League: Episode II

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  • DRAFT: The NFLDC Hero League: Episode II

    Draft: The NFLDC Hero League. Episode 2

    Episode 1:

    Late one night, JBond is kicking back and enjoying a beer and watching CNN, when there was a pressing news story that popped up on the television.

    ”We have reports that military base Rivanna Station, in Charlottesville Virginia, has been overtaken by two young African American males with multiple soldiers being held as hostages. The ransom has not been revealed yet. We have a photograph taken of one of the terrorists.”

    A picture is shown of an African American male with a blunt in his mouth and an AK47 in his hand. JBond immediately spits his beer all over the television. There is only one person who that can be, and there is only one thing he can want. JBond reaches onto his desk and hits a buton on a Jordy Nelson pager. He grabs his jacket and heads out for Charlottesville.

    JBond is waiting in the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport looking at his watch and looks up. One, a pubestached man with a Rashard Mendenhall jersey on. Another a large day walking man hungry for some violence, and the third a pirate with an eyepatch. HinesWardJr, Draftguru, and P-L were ready for duty.

    Draftguru: “So, what is the deal?”

    JBond: “I’m not sure exactly, but I do know that Keak has taken over a military base and his revenge knows no bounds.”

    Hineswardjr: “Are we gonna jack him up?”

    P-L: “We’re going to do what we have to.”

    JBond: “There is someone else with him too the news report said.”

    As DRAFT comes upon Rivanna Station, it is mass chaos. S.W.A.T and army stations everywhere.

    JBond: “Looks like we’ll have to sneak in some other way.”

    DRAFT goes around the perimeter of the base and find a wall around back that is vacant. The four immediately take to climbing over it an enter Rivanna Station. All four begin to cautiously search the station. After a bit, one is missing.

    Draftguru: “What happened to P-L?”

    HinesWardJr: “What?”

    JBond: “****, he’s gone”

    HinesWardJr: “We better find him.”

    HWJ, DG, and JBond search frantically around the base. All of a sudden, they hear P-L’s screams from a tent nearby. They rush over and in only to the find Maurice Jones-Drew in his own jersey standing over P-L strapped to a table.

    Draftguru: “What the hell? Maurice Jones-Drew?”

    Maurice: “That’s right fools! Keak told me about what you all did to him. Now it’s time for pay back. We’re going to rule the world, and we’re going to start with your friend Patriots-Lions here, and then Scott Wright!”

    HinesWardJr: “Why does a football player want to take over the world?”

    Maurice: “Take off that ***** Mendenhall jersey *****. Your going down.”

    MoJo runs at full speed towards HWJ. Hines readies to take him on and tackle, but MoJo runs straight through him tossing HWJ to the ground. He then picks up speed and rushes right at DG, knocking him to the ground.

    JBond: “****”

    JBond dives out of the way. MoJo just laughs as a new man walks into the tent also in a Maurice-Jones Drew jersey, but he is carrying an AK47 in on hand and blue prints in another.

    P-L: “Keak!”

    Keak: “Shut up ho. Mo, you got the explosives rigged? It’s time to get our ransom.”

    JBond: “What ransom?”

    Keak: “Scott Wright’s head on a stick brother. With explosives on the army base, as well as tons of soldiers locked up, they will give us whatever we want. And just in case. I have these plans to sell to the highest terrorist bidder.”

    Keak Da Sneak holds up the blue prints in his hands and waves around his AK47.

    Maurice: “Explosives are set.”

    Keak: “Go make contact with the negotiator, he won’t know what’s comin’”

    Draftguru: “You’re crazy Keak, this is beyond revenge.”

    Keak: “Revenge is nothing! You saw how that punk Scott took me down. It’s time for him to die.”

    HinesWardJr gets up and runs at Keak screaming. He spears Keak in the chest and pins him against the table P-L is on. Keak hits HinesWardJr in the head with the AK47 then whacks him across the face sending HinesWardJr to the ground. JBond charges at Keak as well, but Keak begins shooting at him, piercing his leg and sending JBond to the ground. Draftguru is sneaking up behind Keak during this time and puts him in a sleeperhold. Keak continues to shoot his AK47 as he tries to escape. A few bullets hit P-L as well. Maurice Jones-Drew re-enters the tent at this time with a pistol and takes aim at DG. DG pushes Keak towards Maurice and Maurice can’t shoot. DG rushes towards them and grabs Maurice and the gun and points it at Maurice’s head.

    DraftGuru: “Let us all go and this or Maurice gets it.”

    Keak stumbles toward P-L and sticks his gun in P-L’s face.

    Keak: “Get him to let Maurice P-L. Make it happen.”

    P-L: “Don’t do it DG.”

    Keak: “If he doesn’t P-L, the whole world will know what I know. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID! I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!”

    P-L: “What?”


    P-L: “Let him go DG!”

    Draftguru: “What the hell?”

    P-L: “Let him go!”

    DG pushes Maurice back to Keak, and Keak promptly fires the AK47 into DG’s gut. DG begins to bleed immensely and falls to the groun. All of a sudden a faint music begins to play.

    Maurice: “Do you hear that? It sounds like “Aud Lang Syne”?

    The tune begins to get louder and louder. When all of a sudden there is a “Wu” sound and a red blur flies into the tent knocking both Keak and Maurice down.

    Keak: “What the ****? Run Maurice! Run.”

    Maurice runs out of the tent and out the back as the blur knocks Keak unconscious and leaves the tent. JBond gets up and touches his wound. It is gone.

    JBond: “What was that?”

    HinesWardJr: “I don’t know.”

    Draftguru: “Holy ****, I’m fine, the gun wounds are healed.”

    The three untie P-L from the table as the army storms the tent and takes Keak into custody.

    General: “Good job boys”

    JBond: “Umm, sure.”

    As DRAFT walks away, they are left with more questions than answers.

    DraftGuru: “So, P-L, what did you do that Keak was talking about?”

    P-L: “Don’t worry about it.”

    HinesWardJr: “What was it?”

    P-L: “JUST SHUT UP!”

    JBond: “Let’s all calm down. Whatever it is, it’s over now. Let’s just go home and thank god Keak won’t be coming back.”
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    Awesome. I love these.


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      Great job, got to love these... Keep em' comming JBond


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        WTF I got shot?!?!?!

        What did PL do??????????

        That is correct comahan
        I ******* LOVE YOU DG
        <3 dg


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          Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
          WTF I got shot?!?!?!

          What did PL do??????????
          It was P-L who took Keaks infamous picture.


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            Amazing!!!! Who is the blur???

            Originally posted by Halsey
            I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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              Gotta be toon.

              That is correct comahan
              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
              <3 dg


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                or comahan

                Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan
                JBalla is mormon, so naturally he assumes that whenever you get one marriage done, another two or five are in the works.


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                  What is up with the disrespect, where am I?

                  FULL INBOX +REP TO SEND MESSAGE.....


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                    Originally posted by Turtlepower View Post
                    Amazing!!!! Who is the blur???
                    I thought it was Jordy Nelson.


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                      4:20 just passed


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                        D'Montae Fitzgerald a threat to society as we know it? No...

                        <+fenikz> "**** the Police, ride my fischstache bitches"


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                          Keakith thee Sneakith.


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                            the Red blur was obviously Tiquan Underwood.
                            We ALL bleed scarlet
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                            Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                            BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                              Is Keak still around anymore? I remember him when I joined and his love affar for Jones-Drew, which makes that pic priceless in so many ways lol, but I didn't know if he still posted under a diff name or not.

                              Originally posted by Scott Wright
                              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.



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