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  • Book discussion thread

    Thought i would start a thread where we could all discuss what we were reading...

    Im currently reading Double Cross by James Patterson. Its pretty good so far, but i just started it. I just finished reading The Stand by Stephen King, which was a massive 1153 pages long, so its kind of a relief to read a 300 page book now.

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    Im almost done

    Great ook so far, completely different from all other History books that I have read, it really gets a perspective from the people who were living through the cold war.

    Before that I read

    I read it when I was young, and I decided that I should re-read it, and it was definately worth reading it again, I had a whole different perspective on it after reading it again. Definately one of my favourite books.


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      Just an awesome book.


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        Just got done with Chuck Palahniuk's Snuff. Sort of a novella but great nonetheless.

        Also just finished Freakonomics. Very interesting read.

        Currently reading The Other Hollywood. It is incredible so far.


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          I've never been an autobiography fan in the most part but am definitely stuck on John Peels' Margrave of the Marshes

          Unfortunately he died before it was finished. I havent been able to put it down yet.
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            I am not reading it now, but heres probably my favorite book:

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              Currently reading:

              Highly recommend both books. They can help shape your life and give you a new outlook on how to live.
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                Hitman D

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                  I am currently reading this...

                  I just finished this for school...

                  Originally Posted by scottyboy
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                    I didn't like Freakonomics. I thought it was kind of telling my stuff I already knew... also I felt like they were just preaching the Protestant work ethic.

                    I'm reading:

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                      Great Book.
                      Also would recommend The Great Gatsby and The Fountainhead.

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                        Harry Potter FTW! :D

                        for real though

                        Just finished reading 1984 and Farenheit 451 they both were really good but I like Farenheit 451 a little more.


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                            not reading anything right now, but I recomend everyone read some of Christopher Moore's book. Amazing, and histerical.



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                              Reading the Foundation series for the millionth time.

                              Still the best science fiction series ever written.



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