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    What's your favorite type of pizza? I LOOOOOOVE papa johns cheese pizza. Totino's frozen pizza is good too for a buck. Digiorno is amazing for a frozen pizza. So what do you love?

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        I live for pizza and pizza lives for me. I am not going to post in another thread until the Chiefs win a game damnit DG.
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          Armands and Zpizza for me.

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            Cici's buffalo chicken pizza is great, and it's all you can eat :)


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              I don't like Papa Johns.

              Pizza Hut is good, Domino's is okay..

              there is a place near the University of Minnesota campus called Mesa Pizza that is probably the best I've ever had. I know a couple people here attend UM, they will probably vouch for that. I don't go there, but when I visit friends to drink, we usually end up drunk walking over when we're hungry.
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                Theres an italian joint nearby called DePillas, OMG THE PIZZA!


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                  Originally posted by bored of education View Post
                  I am not going to post in another thread until the Chiefs win a game damnit
                  holding you to that


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                    YES! Pizza is the life blood of we Italians!

                    Papa Johns is good, but I generally prefer small time family restaurants, as they have the most authentic pizza.

                    Digiorno is awesome too, DG. Generally buy one of those for when I watch Giants games.
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                      I love Papa Johns.. unfortunately the location closest to me closed down.. I just found out yesterday. I have yet to recover.


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                        For the major chains my preference is with Pizza Hut specifically because of their meat lovers.


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                          Domino's is single-handedly the worst pizza ever created


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                            Thin-Crust NY-Style Pizza FROM NEW YORK is the best.

                            Deep Dish is not pizza.

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                            I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                              Buffet pizza is disgusting. End of discussion.

                              Pizza hut and Dominoes pizza are the best of the big chains. But like Forenci said, if you want good, family pizza then go to a small restaurant. There's hardly any like that down here, but there is a few.



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