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  • What browser do you use

    I just upgraded to Firefox 3.

    Anyone else here not used IE for about 5 years now?

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    Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
    Anyone else here not used IE for about 5 years now?
    I been using Mozilla since 2002

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      Ever since I first downloaded Mozilla, I've sworn off IE forever.
      I did try Opera for a few days. It's not bad.


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        Yeah, I used it back when it was Phoenix, and then Firebird, and then Firefox. I don't like IE at all.


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          Been using Firefox for a few years now. Just got the upgrade.

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            IE since '98. I'm a creature of habit I guess.

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              Mozilla Firefox


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                Firefox if you are smart. IE if you are not.

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                  I use Firefox but have the IE Tab option just in case.

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                    For the sake of all web developers out there. Have both on hand. Firefox is great for everything. But some douchebag companies only build to microsoft standards.

                    For example. Verizon dicks its customers by creating a .net customer portal that is IE onl and will shoot you out if you're anything but IE. Silverlight by microsoft 'works' on firefox, but will still crash it sometimes. oh. and ActiveX is the most garbage piece of **** ever (microsoft object controls *BLECH*)
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                      I use Firefox and try not to visit/use any sites that are not compatible. I find it to be a superior product all around.

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                        Firefox. I have all three main browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari) downloaded in case on of them betrays me, and I did get Firefox 3 yesterday.


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                          Firefox, but not 3 yet, I'll let others find the bugs and get them fixed before I get it.

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                            Safari baby! So nice.

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                              Firefox unless I am on an old persons computer and they only have IE downloaded.

                              Silverback....still the best.

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