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Any one else hate shaving?

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  • I've given up shaving, I just trim to the lowest setting now.


    • I wish I could grow a decent beard, but every time I try it just looks hideous after a couple days, it's all patchy and just makes my face look dirty, so I pretty much have to keep my face clean shaven or I look like a bum. I don't have a huge issue with shaving though, it usually makes me feel better about myself due to the above reasons.


      • The hair on my face can get out of control if I don't keep it up. I've been shaving at least once a week now and it sucks. :(

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        His soft D really turns me off
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        • Originally posted by Nalej View Post
          when they're under the water- you pay 5 bucks and you don't have to shave for the entire deployment

          That has to have some play on those cold lonely nights at sea.

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          • You see the part where the beard forms the right angle on his chin? I can't grow hair there, but I can get the rest down. So unintentionally, I sometimes get a Flo Rida beard going on (without looking anywhere near as neat. I get the basic shape down lol)

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            my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
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            • My Beard has gotten long enough that I could comb it if I want to. Haven't trimmed it in a while, but when I get my hair cut soon, I'll have to, otherwise my beard hair will be longer than my head hair, and that'd just look stupid on me.
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