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The 360 NCAA Online Dynasty Thread (Sign-Ups!)

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  • The 360 NCAA Online Dynasty Thread (Sign-Ups!)

    Alright everyone,

    Forenci and myself are going to be running an online dynasty on NCAA since it is the best new feature ever.

    Our goal is to get 6 or 12 VERY dedicated people who will play their games, recruit, etc all in a timely manner. Most of it can be done without arranging with others, but when you do need to arrange stuff with other people, it would need to be done quickly. It would also be preferred if there was a way to always contact you (IRC, AIM, etc,) if needed.

    We'd likely start soon after the game comes out, so you'd need to get it right around release. I imagine we would start around July 20th or so.

    Here are the ground rules:

    1. We'll be customizing a conference so everyone can have their favorite teams. As long as people don't disagree and try to take whatever they want, this should be fine. If needed, it will be dealt with effectively.

    2. At this time, we have no plans for restricting recruiting, how you play your games, etc. It could change.

    3. If you reply, you aren't guaranteed a spot by any means. It will be people we know will be around, who have done things like this before, etc. If you reply and say "I'll take Georgia," or something that 1. Assumes you are in and 2. Has you "calling" a team. You're out. That's just annoying.

    4. I haven't talked to Forenci about difficulties and settings, but all slider would remain the same, and I imagine CPU difficulties would be the 2nd hardest, if not the absolute hardest. So, be prepared.

    5. If you have suggestions on how to make this a better experience, feel free to PM (NFLDC or IRC) them to me and/or Forenci.

    6. Please ask any questions. I'm sure I forgot a butt ton of information.

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    So.. is this the sign up thread? or just the information thread?

    I'm definitely interested. you can contact me via AIM at djp4516 if you have any questions.

    I can really be any team that you'd like me to be.
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      Is this for PS3 or 360? If its for PS3 I would like to join.

      Big time Thank You to BoneKrusher!

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        if this is for 360 im interested

        The way it is

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          Originally posted by saintsfan912 View Post
          Is this for PS3 or 360? If its for PS3 I would like to join.
          We're only doing it for the Xbox 360.
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            I would love to participate.

            If you need to contact me by AIM, it's moth08865. I do spend some crazy hours on here,, you shouldnt have that hard of a time contacting me.

            Thanks BoneKrusher^

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              I dont have aim anymore, but I will be around on here and I may make an appearence in IRC tonight or tomorrow.

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                If someone starts one for the PS3, let me know, i'll try and get in on it.

                Also did they bring back 1-AA teams?

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                  Originally posted by saintsfan912 View Post
                  Is this for PS3 or 360? If its for PS3 I would like to join.
                  I'll be starting one for the ps3 shortly, so don't worry.

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                    If only this game came out in Australia.


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                      Im most def interested...Been having problems with my xbox live but that should be worked out in this next week, and I will be buying the game the day it comes out or the next.

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                        Extremely interested.

                        lost my AIM, but I'll get it back and edit this later


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                          I am certainly interested in this particular engagement.

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                            Looking at how it is done, 12 people could work pretty well. We could split 6 and 6 or 4, 4, and 4. Plus, I can customize non-conferences against each other.

                            You'd likely have a week to play two games/recruit twice or so. Depends on how it would work.

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                              I'm in.
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