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Reasons you lads have been slapped

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    Originally posted by cunningham06
    Originally posted by sweetness34
    I got slapped for saying a girl really looked good.... :? She was wearing some sweat pants and a t shirt to school and she was talking about how she looked like crap that day. Well she really didn't look like crap and I told her she looked good. She slapped me like 5 seconds later saying I was lying.... :?
    That's ridiculous because when girls say things like "I look so bad." It's because they are fishing for compliments, and then when you take the bait, they either don't say thank you, say I know, or in your case slap you. You should have punched her in the ovary.
    Right in the baby maker huh? This is a girl who thinks she isn't attractive, and she's actually really hott. I just don't understand it. You try to give her a compliment and she goes, "I'm not pretty, stop lying." I mean she's a really nice girl but that's one thing I really don't get about her.

    And btw, I did punch her back, in the arm. Not really hard but enough for her to say owe and not punch me again. If a girl punches me for no reason, I punch back. I don't care if she tells on me or not, if you punch me, guy or girl I'm going to punch you back. For a girls sake I won't unload on her but I'll give her a nice shot to the arm.

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      Originally posted by jayceheathman
      It happened once. I asked if I could get in her pants and she said "no, I already have one a$$hole in there."
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