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    Coach: I know hes dead, but how cool would Vince Lombardi be?

    Athlete: I think Id prolly choose Peyton Manning...he just seems like a really chill, funny guy, and I bet he would be a blast to hang around with.

    Idol/Role Model: Hunter S. Thompson. Dont know if the thread stated dead or alive, but I would most definitely choose Thompson. Just a chance to speak with him, pick his brain for a day, would probably be the highlight of my life.

    Artist A: Gotta go with another writer, Chuck Palahniuk. Hes my favorite modern day writer, and again, to get inside his head for one day and see what he was thinking, maybe get a few tips on how to further my own creative writing and such would be awesome.

    Artist B: Could really go any number of ways here...but the finalists would be Charlie Kaufman, Brad Pitt...on second thought, I'll go with Scarlett Johansson. And we can go hot tubbing. :)

    Famous: I think Bill Clinton would be a really cool guy to meet. Great president, and I think he would be interesting to talk to. Stephen Colbert would be pretty hilarious too.

    Attend this Game/Event: Gotta go with Superbowl 2000, last time my Ravens played.
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    Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
    The APS is strong in this one.
    Originally posted by killxswitch
    Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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      Coach: Tito Francona
      Athlete: Dwight Howard
      Idol/Role Model: Don't really have an idol... role model would be brother, I guess
      Artist A: Flight of the Conchords
      Artist B: Andy Samberg
      Famous: Barack Obama
      Attend this Game/Event: 2004 ALCS, all 7 games of it


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        Joe Torre

        Mariano Rivera (Current)
        Yogi Berra (Retired)
        Jackie Robinson (Deceased)

        Idol/Role Model:

        Artist (music, writer, actor, etc):

        Artist B (see above):
        Dave Chappelle

        Famous (president, politician, broadcaster etc):
        Barack Obama

        Attend this Game/Event (optional):
        Either Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS or Game 6 of the 1996 WS

        Originally posted by bearsfan_51
        Show me your Wang, if you will.


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          Originally posted by A Perfect Score View Post
          Coach: I know hes dead, but how cool would Vince Lombardi be?
          He'd probably yell at you and make you run laps.

          Pick the Winners Champion 2008 | 2011


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            Coach: Tito Francona

            Athlete: Ken Griffey Jr

            Idol/Role Model: Jonathan Papelbon

            Artist (music, writer, actor, etc): Jimmy Page

            Artist B (see above): Pete Townshend

            Famous (president, politician, broadcaster etc): Bill Clinton

            Attend this Game/Event (optional): 2004 ALCS game 4


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              Coach: Bill Bellicheat

              Athlete: Adrian Peterson

              Role Model: I can spend any day with my father so I will say Andy Kaufman

              Artist: Kevin Smith

              Artist B: Matt Stone/Trey Parker

              Famous: Ron Paul

              Attend this Game/Event: Woodstock


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                Coach: Herb Brooks

                Athlete: Aeneas Williams

                Idol/Role Model: John Krasinski

                Artist (music, writer, actor, etc): Megan Fox

                Artist B (see above): Christopher Walken

                Famous (president, politician, broadcaster etc): Jack Buck

                Attend this Game/Event (optional): 1999 Superbowl (Rams vs Titans)


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                  Coach: Eddie Jordan(To laugh at the current Head coach of the Wizards)

                  Athlete: Michael Jordan

                  Artist (music, writer, actor, etc): Jay-z just to hear him spit in person.
                  Artist B (see above): Method Man because he would blaze me up
                  Famous (president, politician, broadcaster etc): EH
                  Attend this Game/Event (optional): 2000 Ravens SuperBowl
                  Originally posted by SunTzu_22
                  Just let it go RWO.
                  We as Ravens fans are clearly scum of the earth, and should just be happy that these great people, who cheer for nothing than the finest, morally impeccable players, playing on the finest, most morally impeccable teams, will grace us with their presence, and words of wisdom.

                  John Wall


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                    Coach: Bill Laimbeer

                    Athlete: Bill Walton & Charles Barkley

                    Idol/Role Model: Artie Lange

                    Artist (music, writer, actor, etc): Seth Rogen

                    Artist B (see above): MC Chris

                    Attend this Game/Event (optional): Any Pride FC Grand Prix in Japan


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                      Coach: Bill Belichick because he is the best coach of my generation.

                      Athletes: Hines Ward and Pat Tillman because they both had the passion and intensity that I love to see on the field.

                      Role Model: Cochise was a straight up BAMOFO back in his day.

                      Artists: Layne Staley, Flea, George Clinton, and Henry Rollins.

                      Famous: Megan Fox because she seems up for anything, John Belushi, and Chesty Puller.

                      Attend This Event: AIC's last concert
                      He's about as effective as a garbage bag sitting on the field. On the rare occasion the real men will trip on him.


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                        Coach: John Wooden is a legend in the game. Had a different approach to the game than anyone before and after. Stuck to his methods through thick and thin. Winner.

                        Athlete: Orlando Pace. What better way to get better at playing OL than spending a whole day at one of the best OL ever to step foot on a field.

                        Idol/Role Model: Tupac Shakur. One of the most controversial people of our time. Led a movement and made music that had meaning, a attribute that is missing in the very same genre of music he made.

                        Artist (music, writer, actor, etc): John Legend. I love playing instruments and singing. His music is what inspires me. I don't have near the voice he does but I wanna get there.

                        Artist B (see above): Jay-Z. His story is a inspiring one.

                        Famous (president, politician, broadcaster etc): Dick Vitale. He's a riot

                        Attend this Game/Event (optional): Super Bowl XLII Patriots vs Giants. The best football game I have ever seen. Best underdog effort as well.


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                          Coach: Mike Tomlin

                          Athlete: Chris Cooley/Hines ward

                          Idol/Role Model: OPTIMUS PRIME...Uhh.. idk.

                          Artist (music, writer, actor, etc): Demitri Martin

                          Artist B (see above): Chuck Palahniuk

                          Famous (president, politician, broadcaster etc): Dunno

                          Attend this Game/Event (optional): This years Superbowl


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                            Coach: The Tuna(He was a coach does this count?)

                            Athlete: Peyton Manning

                            Idol/Role Model: Don't believe in them.

                            Artist (music, writer, actor, etc): Seth Rogen (I'd love to smoke a funny cigar with this dude.)

                            Artist B (see above): Jigga

                            Famous (president, politician, broadcaster etc): Erin hot.

                            Attend this Game/Event (optional): Future Ravens Superbowl.(I pray I'm still living.)


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                              Wait this is alive or dead?


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                                Coach: Robert Neyland

                                Athlete: Brett Favre

                                Idol/Role Model: Michael Jordan

                                Artist (music, writer, actor, etc): Lupe Fiasco

                                Artist B (see above): Marissa Miller

                                Famous (president, politician, broadcaster etc): John F. Kennedy

                                Attend this Game/Event (optional): Super Bowl XXXI or Super Bowl XXXIV



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