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    Went to a St. Pattys day thing at the bar on Saturday and I'm goin to the bar again tomorrow when I get out of class.

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      I'll be Irish for a day. Legal and ready to get **** faced baby.


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        Originally posted by The Peefs View Post
        Happy birthday buddy!

        And I love St Patties day, ode to my people! This afternoon my friend and I went to the local liquor store and had them order a 1/2 barrel of Killians. Im hoping they get it early, around noon, so that we can get things started.

        My buddy who works in the meat department at a local grocery store also picked up filet mignon, ribeyes, ribs, & crab legs so we can grill all day & night.
        You know Killians isn't really Irish right?

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          Originally posted by Giantsfan1080 View Post
          You know Killians isn't really Irish right?
          Grilling steaks & ribs isnt Irish, its the spirit that counts.

          And Killians is still originally from Ireland, the recipe isn't quite the same as it was originally in the 1800's but things don't always stay the same.



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            Originally posted by slightlyaraiderfan View Post
            It's also my b-day, it should be changed to St. Sarf's Day.
            it's my birthday too, it should be changed to sts. aq and sarfalufagas day...
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              I'm studying for finals!


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                It's also Billy Corgan's birthday.

                Now you know.

                Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                  I see beer in my future


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                    I already have a 100 dollar tab racked up, from 7:22 Paddy Murphys. However, Ive still had the balls to go to class. And I have practice in an hour and ah alf. Good decisions, love the Irish.

                    Originally posted by WMD
                    Jesse realizing Walt was Santa Claus could really shake things up.
                    Originally posted by gpngc
                    I don't know how old you are, but if you can get to 24/25 without getting arrested or killed, you've done well for yourself lol.


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                      top o the morning to all. Happy St Patty's Day. enjoy but please be careful.
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                        Originally posted by kalbears13 View Post
                        I'm studying for finals!


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                          I think I'm going to get drunk tonight.



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                            I have to abstain from St Patrick's Day, if I am to do my case day on NFLDC tomorrow.

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                              Blah Brent do both...don't back down like that


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                                Don't think I'll get out for St. Patrick's Day this year. Work today, off tomorrow, but my girlfriend can't go out tonight. I really don't like going out for St. Patrick's Day anyway. I'm 2nd Gen Irish-American, and I find it fairly disrespectful when I see a bunch of retards running around wearing green and drinking Guinness to act like they're Irish for a day... Especially when they start doing shots of Bushmills (Protestant liquor on a Catholic holiday?)...

                                LOL @ the idea of Killian's still being Irish. Fail. Guinness is a minor failure - mostly because of the commercialism involved. Beamish is the only way to go - sooo much better than Guinness...
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