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The 2009 NBA Mock Lottery Show - Part V released

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    Part III

    Mike Tirico: Well, we've gotten through 5 picks so far and the Minnesota Timberwolves are on the clock. They have 3 picks in the first round this year. Chad, any idea what they might do with this first pick?

    Chad Ford: Well, when you have 3 picks in the draft, you have several luxuries. You can use them as assets and try to move around in the draft or ship them off for a future 1st. I thought they might've offered a deal to the Wizards to get Blake Griffin, but it seems they were content staying at #6 and keeping their other two picks. Either that or the Wiz weren't budging at all. Another luxury you have is that you can either go with the best player available regardless of need. Or you can take a gamble here and take a player who might not normally go this high, but you like him so much that you can avoid your other needs because you can address them later. Minnesota's next pick isn't until 18, so you might see them gamble on upside seeing as there is no real clear cut BPA. In my mock, I have them going with Demar DeRozan. They drafted a Trojan last year in OJ Mayo, only to trade him a few minutes later, but I think they might go that route again.

    Mike Tirico: That makes sense Chris. Looks like the Commissioner is ready to make the pick. Let's see if you're right on the DeRozan selection.

    With the 6th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select
    Guard, Tyreke Evans from Memphis University.

    Jalen Rose: Oooooooooooh, Sweet Baby Jesus! :) I'ma big Tyreke fan. I don't say this often, but I do see a lot of myself in Tyreke and the way we both play the game. In today's terms, a lot of people use the word Combo Guard, but there are different types of Combo Guards in my opinion. Both Tyreke and I would be in a mold completely different from say a Combo Guard like Dwyane Wade or Ben Gordon. We're more like "Smooth Guards". hahahaha.

    I know people have questioned his shot selection and FG%, but he's still just a kid. That will come with hard work, dedication and a strong support system. Tyreke has all of that and the talent to make it all come together. Good pick by the T-Wolves. No Great pick.

    Bill Walton: Tyreke has a nice flare to his game and I can see the comparison between he and yourself, Jalen. That's a nice compliment from you. But Tyreke HAS TO learn how to cut down on those turnovers. That'll kill his team. Gutsy move by McHale right there as Tyreke's stock has been all over the place, but no where higher than 7.

    D-Unit's Analysis: The Timberwolves are gunnin' for that 2010 FA class with the best of them. After the '09/'10 season they will go from a $50M+ salary payroll all the way down to a miniscule $15M. Fortunately for them, they are armored with 3 first round picks in '09 to make the team an attractive place for an elite veteran player or two to want to be apart of. If the rebuilding effort shows signs of quickly turning around, their plan could really hit the jackpot. With this pick, I can forsee the Wolves selecting Tyreke Evans. They drafted another player in the same mold in OJ Mayo last year, only to trade him hours later. Watching Mayo excel from afar probably has them second guessing themselves at times, but Tyreke will help erase those thoughts. He came into the college scene with a lot of fan fare, and started off slow. But really came on strong especially in the tournament. Memphis didn't reach as far as many thought, but they were riding the hype of last year and they weren't as talented as that team who lost 3 first rounders. Tyreke matured his game as his college season progressed, but really, the NBA is where his game will really take off. Just like Mayo. Expect him to have a similar impact in the league in his first year. If you think this is too high for Evans, you may want to reconsider your stance as scouts are sure to give him high grades during the draft process.

    Kid went toe to toe against Derrick Rose and we all know how good Rose has been. Remember Rose was a Senior and Evans was just a Junior at the time.

    Check it out here.

    Mike Tirico: Next up are the Golden State Warriors. Just a couple years away from that great playoff win over the then #1 seeded Dallas Mavericks, when they beat them as a #8 seed. Boy, have they fallen in a short amount of time. It's almost as if....

    Looks like we'll have to continue that discussion later. Rick Bucher is reporting that we might have another trade about to go down.

    Rick Bucher: Yes Mike. It is true. It appears as though the Warriors who are on the clock now with the 8th overall pick are poised to pull off a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks who are interested in taking Jordan Hill, the Forward from Arizona. Hill was considered by most to be the #1 ranked PF in this draft class and potentially a Top 3 pick at one time. The terms of the deal are not completely known at this point, but players are also involved in the deal. We're not certain on the names, but will try to get it to you as soon as we can.

    Mike Tirico: That's great scoop Rick! Looks like Commissioner Stern has something to say...

    We have a trade to announce.

    The Golden State Warriors have agreed to send the 7th overall pick to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are now on the clock and have 4 minutes left to make their selection.

    Stephen A. Smith: Did my ears just fool me or did I hear that correctly? The Commish announced the trade, but didn't dish out the details. What in tarnations is going on??? Did they just give away the pick? hahaha.

    Bill Walton: Yeah, that was really weird.

    Rick Bucher: We've been able to confirm with our sources that the players involved in this trade are Golden State's Jamal Crawford and Milwaukee's Charlie Villanueva. The reason why I don't think the Commissioner announced the details of the trade just now are because the terms are not yet official in writing. Villanueava is a Free Agent. Therefore, unless he's in some sort of Sign and Trade deal, the Bucks are not permitted to use him as a trade chip. Our sources say that Villanueva has verbally agreed to the trade, but he hasn't signed and faxed in the deal.

    Mike Tirico: If Villanueva has agreed to the deal, then he must be happy with the money involved to ignore having the market set his rate in Free Agency.

    Rick Bucher: That is exactly what he and his agent are thinking, Mike. They were prepared to enter Free Agency hoping to land some team's Mid-Level Exception. This year it's rumored to be slightly under $6M per season. With this deal, Charlie will be making more than that. Something in the ballpark between $7M and $8M per season. The trade between Golden State and Milwaukee has to be a near match in salary. Jamal Crawford's salary hovers above $8M annually. So by agreeing in principle to this Sign and Trade deal, Charlie will make more than the MLE. That's why he has agreed to this trade and that's why the Commissioner could not announce the full terms of the trade. Once the faxed contract reaches the right hands, I'm sure the Commissioner will announce the final terms.

    Mike Tirico: I'm sure the #12 pick owned by the Bucks will also be sent over.

    Bill Walton: This is a great deal for both teams. It also seems to be a great deal for Charlie Villanueva. But you have to be wondering what Jamal Crawford has to be thinking at this point. He just got traded to Golden State last November and after this trade he will have been the property of 5 different teams in his young career. Remember, he was drated by the Cleveland Cavaliers and his rights were traded to Chicago on draft day. This is the second draft day trade for him. How unique is that?

    D-Unit Analysis: Oh what a mess! This gets downright dirty. Golden State's downfall has come from the very top and has matriculated all the way down. Here's a really good read if you're interested, explaining some internal problems plaguing the Warriors. Coach Don Nelson signed a 2 year contract extension last year, so he's looking at this draft heading into his final year. That presents a delimma on the vision for the future because "Nellie Ball" requires a specific type of line up. So do they focus on finding a player that fits that system? Or a generic type player? Who's calling the shots? We know Chris Mullins is just a face to the GM title and he has little say. Is it Nellie? Doubt it, he's gone after the year and the rookie won't have an immediate impact while he's still coaching. The man beind the scenes is Golden State President Robert Rowell... a businessman calling the shots for a basketball team. That makes their draft a huge wild card, but let's follow the clues. I know they are high on Marco Belinelli and Monta Ellis, so they won't be taking a 2 guard. They wastefully blasted their money on 2 guys who play the same position when they signed the oft injured Corey Maggette and oft suspended Stephen Jackson (haha, had to take a jab). So they've got to roll the dice and can't afford anymore resources at the 3 spot. They've got young projects at PF with Brandan Wright, Anthony Randolph (a tweener) and Turiaf is serviceable. They are lucky to have hit on Biedrins, but could use more depth. Now think, do you really want to address depth picking this high? No. In recent news (real life) Nellie approached Jamal Crawford and asked him to opt out of his final year of his contract. Needless to say, he and his agent were fumed at the request. That fact, teamed with the fact that the team took an absolute nose dive without Baron Davis... I'll suspect the pick will be a PG. Well, there isn't one worth taking at #7 that you can't find at #12. Add in the fact that you rid yourself of Crawford who you've asked to opt out and add a player who can have an immediate impact in Nellie's final year who also happens to be a perfect fit for his system and there you have it. Works perfectly for Golden State.

    For the Bucks, this is also a win win situation because Villanueva has been on the block off and on for a long time now. He was set to leave as a FA anyways, but now you get to use him as leverage to move up in the draft AND acquire a versatile PG like Crawford who is a tremendous compliment to Ramon Sessions. Sessions is a small guard with real PG skills, but lacks range on his shot. Crawford loves to light it up from beyond the 3pt arch and his length allows the Bucks to put a big line up on the floor to match up with other big line ups that they'll face in the NBA. Crawford will also be happy because he won't be forced to opt out of his big contract and can cash it in all the way to the end.

    Mike Tirico: Here comes the Commissioner with the Buck's pick. Bucher is reporting that player is supposed to be Jordan Hill.

    With the 7th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks select
    Power Forward , Ed Davis from the University of North Carolina.

    Mike Tirico: Whoa! A bit of a surprise there! Ed Davis is selected as the first Power Foward to come off the board.

    Chad Ford: I can't really say that I'm surprised by this pick at all. Davis has been climbing the draft boards ever since Carolina's tournament run began. I remember speaking to several GMs during the tournament who spoke very highly of Davis and considered him a Top 5 player. I know Roy Williams was trying to hide him from scouts, but couldn't resist playing him over Junior Forward, Deon Thompson in the tournament. Roy is a smart man and knows winning is the ultimate goal. Besides, Roy can afford to lose him. Thompson will return as well as Tyler Zeller. He also secured the recruitment of top prospect, John Henson as well as the Wear twins. Roy learned fast after losing Marvin Williams and Brandan Wright after their freshmen years, that over recruiting big men is impossible to do for a school like UNC.

    For me, it was a bigger surprise to see him keep his name in the draft. It's very common for kids to put their names into the draft and then pull out as they just want to test their draft stock. Because Davis had said during the tournament that he wanted to keep playing at UNC, I thought he was a strong candidate to go back. However, the draft process can be cunniving and tempting proposition for a top player. They will hear sweet nothings whispered in their ears to prevent them from going back to college. I think the nice things he kept hearing were too much to pass up on. It's a good thing it worked out for him. Last year, Donte Greene was a lock for the Top 10 until he got selected #28 overall.

    Ed Davis High School Mix

    D-Unit's Analysis: I can see the doubters already. It's ok. I'm just going by what I feel, while trying to go on the unpredictable side as well. Fact of the matter is that big board rankings today will be completely different on draft day. If Jordan Hill is a top 3 pick, then slap me silly. But I personally don't think he's going to be any better than a Ronny Turiaf. Meanwhile, I'm a huge fan of Ed Davis and think his upside is unreal.

    As for the Bucks... The Bucks are one of those teams that think they have a million good ideas on how to get better and each idea pulls them in a different direction. One minute they're stoked to sign Redd to a new deal, the next, he's on the block. No, nevermind... Richard Jefferson is on the block! While we're at it CV is on the block too... Wait, no he ain't. Uhh... yeah he is... wa what??? Eh... I know, let's give this Luke Ridnour feller $13M and see if we can make him our starting PG... We'll give him 2 years to prove it. If it works we're a genius (because a starting PG being paid $6.5M is a damn deal), if it doesn't we're a genius (because we only committed 2 years)... hmm this Sessions guy is pretty good... Forget it, let's see if we can clear salary and start over... With our lottery pick we have to take Joe Alexander, because he's tearing up the workouts and a lot of people are talking about how good he can dunk... Darn... he's the white version of Desmond Mason... been there, done that... But this Mbah a Moute guy is not half bad... He needs more playing time! Give him more PT! Blah, blah, blah... it's a never ending story with the Bucks. I really wouldn't be surprised to see them move up the draft to take Jordan Hill because they see him sliding. They don't realize he's sliding for a good reason. But who cares, right? All they know is that they need someone to play PF and he is listed at 6'10, 235 on the team website. LOL! Kidding aside, the Bucks do need help at the PF spot and I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them the better player in my eyes, Ed Davis. Don't be surprised if Davis is long gone by pick 7 on draft day. I'm dead serious.

    *Commercial Break*

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      Good stuff D. Keep it coming.


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        Ed Davis to Milwaukee would be ballin'

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          excellent stuff D, can't wait to see what you have the Nets do.

          hooray for having a 4 win March...:/
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          BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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            Originally posted by P-L View Post
            Good stuff D. Keep it coming.
            Thanks PL. This is only Part III of VII. So yeah, more on the way. :)


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              Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
              Ed Davis to Milwaukee would be ballin'
              Glad you like the pick! I think Ed Davis is the real deal Holyfield.


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                Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                excellent stuff D, can't wait to see what you have the Nets do.

                hooray for having a 4 win March...:/
                I really like the player I gave to the Nets.... but I'm not leaving you any clues. :D


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                  Part IV

                  Mike Tirico: Quite a bit of action so far in the draft. Should make for a very exciting season for these teams next season. Next up are the Toronto Raptors lead by Super GM, Bryan Colangelo.

                  Stephen A. Smith: You have to respect Colangelo for the way he turned around the Suns and the way he assembled the Redeem Team and brought the Gold back to US soil. But Quite Frankly, the Raptors are a mess and you have to wonder how long until they get themselves out of that rut they're in. You KNOW they're going to lose Chris Bosh at some point. But knowing Bryan, he'll get a deal done that will help the Raptors in some capacity and not lose Bosh for nothing. Could Bosh's future replacement be the pick here?

                  Bill Walton: You're absolutely right Steven. Bryan Colangelo is one of the most brilliant masterminds in the game of basketball known all throughout the world. (a classic overstatement by Walton, lol). There's no doubt in my mind that the Raptors will some day find themselves a top the Eastern Conference leaderboard sooner rather than later.

                  Mike Tirico: Could we finally see Jordan Hill's name called? Here comes the Commish.

                  With the 8th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptors select
                  Power Forward , Jordan Hill from the University of Arizona.

                  Jalen Rose: Hey!!! We finally got one right! *OUCH!*

                  *Walton kicks Rose on the shin under the table*

                  Bill Walton: Well, we are supposed to be the experts and that's why we are hired for this job.

                  Mike Tirico: We've got a live web broadcast feed to share with our viewers. Raptors GM, Bryan Colangelo is waiting in his war room ready to answer questions regarding his selection of Jordan Hill. Bryan, how did you come about in making the decision to take Jordan Hill?

                  Bryan Colangelo: Hi guys, happy to be here with you today. Our selection of Jordan Hill makes us thrilled. We had Jordan ranked #3 on our Big Board after Blake Griffin and Hasheem Thabeet. So to have landed him here with the 8th pick is better than we hoped for. Sometimes players slide on draft day because of the overhyping of the fast risers during the draft process. But we've been watching Jordan for a very long time and we're more than satisfied with the player who we think we got.

                  This doesn't mean for one second that Chris Bosh becomes expendable, because he is the leader of our team and we want to sign him to an extension as soon as possible. However, he has made it clear that if an extension isn't agreed upon that he will enter FA and opt out of his final year.

                  Stephen A. Smith: Hi Bryan, since you brought up Bosh's name, let me ask you. Is the thought of trading him a reality if an extension isn't agreed upon by the trade deadline?

                  Bryan Colangelo: Steven, you're a true professional, you always have the most direct questions. :) I'm not sure I can answer that at this time, but I can tell you that if that situation does arise, that we feel we like we covered our backsides somewhat with this selection of Jordan Hill.

                  D-Unit's Analysis: There were other options that I was contemplating with the way the board has shaken down at this point, but I honestly do feel like Bosh is not going to have a long future in Toronto. The Raptors would do themselves a service by trying to cover their asses sooner rather than later. You can tell that they intend to be players in the Summer of 2010. Shawn Marion's contract is off the books this year, so don't be surprised to see them make a move this year either. They have a lot of needs. Only Calderon and Bargnani have starting spots locked up for the long term future. They trim their payroll from $73M to $45M in 2009. Of course, they'll lose key players like Anthony Parker and Shawn Marion in doing so. That's why I think Demar DeRozan could've been a possibility. If DeRozan is the next Kobe, like some people think, then Colangelo might never forgive himself. But for the record, I don't think he's the next Kobe. Not even close. That said, I'm not a big fan of Jordan Hill either. I think he's improving, but his talent is limited by his extreme lack of fundamentals. Perhaps a serviceable player who can provide energy, but not a Superstar worthly of a Top 5 pick. I don't even consider him a Top 10 pick worthy, but eh... I'll go with this for now. Don't want to be too extreme, even if I think it.

                  Mike Tirico: Next up we have the Memphis Grizzlies who are now back on the clock after trading down from the #4 pick to the #9 pick when they made the trade with the NY Knicks.

                  Rick Bucher: Actually, Mike... I'm now hearing that the trade details that we announced earlier were not completely true. The Knicks don't have a first round pick in 2010 due to their trade with the Utah Jazz. Once we get the final details, I'll let you know.

                  Mike Tirico: Good Stuff Rick. We here at ESPN are always trying to bring our audience the most breaking news, so it's understandable. We'll wait final confirmation.

                  Chad Ford: The Grizzlies still have a lot of great options to go with here. I thought Mike Conley really started to step up after the team cleared the way for him to get minutes by trading away Kyle Lowry and Javaris Crittenton. OJ Mayo was a marvel and did everything the team hoped for out of his first year in the league. Rudy *** has already established himself as a force in this league and Darrell Arthur and Marc Gasol seem to be a future formidable low post tandem for many years to come. The problem I see with that team talent wise is that there is absolutely NO depth. So they can really go any position here, which is why I think they have a lot of great options. I had them selecting James Hardy at #4 in my mock, but now that they are here, I think a guy like Demar DeRozan, Al-Farouq Aminu or Earl Clark could be a few of the names they are looking at. All have versatility and when you're talking about a team that needs to shore up depth, you've got to be looking at players who can provide help at more than 1 position.

                  Mike Tirico: It appears the Commissioner is ready to announce the selection for the Grizzlies.

                  With the 9th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies select
                  Guard Demar DeRozan from the University of Southern California.

                  Mike Tirico: Sooo guys, Demar DeRozan is the pick... Thoughts???

                  Hubie Brown: I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since I left coaching the Grizzlies. Despite the lack of winning ways for the franchise, they were a great organization to work for. I do believe that there is some sunlight right around the corner though. I really like DeRozan as the pick here. He's a phenomenal athlete and can play 2 positions in the pros. SG and SF. Chad Ford was saying they needed depth and this pick not only solidifies depth at 2 positions, he could end up being a starter one day.

                  Jalen Rose: What I like about this selection is that it brings together 2 USC Trojans that didn't have chance to play alongside each other, but now the world will be able to see what kind of dynamic duo OJ Mayo and Demar DeRozan can be.

                  D-Unit's Analysis: DeRozan is a special talent. There's no doubt about that. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go in the Top 5. The Grizzlies have talent, but they are waaay too young to wreak any havoc just yet. Give them time, I definitely like what the future beholds. Problem is they can't attract good FAs. Props to them for not shelling out big contracts to mediocre FAs though. Soooooo they have to continue to build through the draft until they become a more attractive destination. Right now, they have no depth. Last year, they took the USC phenom, OJ Mayo who's versatility helps them at the PG and SG positions. Look for them to go back to the same well on another versatile player. Demar DeRozan is one of the most explosive athletes in this draft and can spot up at SG or SF. Just like Mayo who had an underwhelming freshman season with the Trojans, Demar experienced the same fate. ...and just like Mayo, his game translates better to the NBA game where there is more spacing and isolations. His versatility and upside make him a better pro prosect than the so called safer James Harden pick in my opinion. Demar is going to wow scouts in his private workouts and I'm not going to be caught off guard seeing him go much higher than this. The Griz can now take advantage of Mayo's versatility and put different looks on the floor by going with a Mayo-DeRozan backcourt and not feel mismatched going against other big backcourts in the NBA.

                  *Commercial Break*


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                    I like Hill but not on the Raptors...They have enough of a problem with Bosh and Bargnani as their soft/light bigs on the defensive end. Now Hill would be an improvement but, I dont like the idea of teaming him up with Bargnani and leaving him at center. Andrea is a very good offensive guy but, he doesnt play like a center on either end. He's not great defensively and he doesnt rebound well, he should be in Bosh's spot next year and they should probably grab a true center or a two guard. Anthony Parker isn't the toughest of guys to unseat. They could def. use an upgrade there. Some believe Marion will be back so, I'd put SF on the backburner as well, in favor of the two previously mentioned positions. They really need backcourt help. Just my two cents.

                    Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                      Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
                      I like Hill but not on the Raptors...They have enough of a problem with Bosh and Bargnani as their soft/light bigs on the defensive end. Now Hill would be an improvement but, I dont like the idea of teaming him up with Bargnani and leaving him at center. Andrea is a very good offensive guy but, he doesnt play like a center on either end. He's not great defensively and he doesnt rebound well, he should be in Bosh's spot next year and they should probably grab a true center or a two guard. Anthony Parker isn't the toughest of guys to unseat. They could def. use an upgrade there. Some believe Marion will be back so, I'd put SF on the backburner as well, in favor of the two previously mentioned positions. They really need backcourt help. Just my two cents.
                      This is only Part IV. This story isn't quite over... hint hint. ;)


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                        I agree with you on Derozan's NBA style game. He really looked good near the end of the year, especially in the Pac 10 tourney. I honestly think he'll be a fast riser on draft boards and end up going a bit higher than you have him on here. Definitely a lot of potential there though.

                        Though you having Ed Davis declaring and not Monroe confuses me a bit D. This is a really weak draft class, Monroe's skills are never going to be fully realized (or utilized correctly) playing in the GTown offense, & he is a lottery lock.


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                          Originally posted by The Peefs View Post
                          I agree with you on Derozan's NBA style game. He really looked good near the end of the year, especially in the Pac 10 tourney. I honestly think he'll be a fast riser on draft boards and end up going a bit higher than you have him on here. Definitely a lot of potential there though.

                          Though you having Ed Davis declaring and not Monroe confuses me a bit D. This is a really weak draft class, Monroe's skills are never going to be fully realized (or utilized correctly) playing in the GTown offense, & he is a lottery lock.
                          GT guys have always seemed the type to stick around. UNC guys are traditionally 1 and done. Both could end up declaring and that wouldn't surprise me. Both positions are weak in this draft. But ghetto has also said Monroe is coming back and he's the guy who keeps up with that team a helluva lot more, so I went with it.


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                            I'm enjoying what your doing here D-Unit, it is quite imaginative to say the least. If the Knicks wind up in any way possible with Ricky Rubio, I will cry tears of joy. The best PG prospect in the world at this time, and has been compared to players from Walt Frazier to Steve Nash. He would also give us a legitimate backup PG, because Nasty Nate just doesn't distribute the ball well enough to be a PG. Like stated before, I would love the pick, but I don't think Rubio will make himself eligible for the draft.

                            Originally posted by bearsfan_51
                            Show me your Wang, if you will.


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                              To be honest I really dont like the Hill pick. I think the raps have got to go Derozen there. Their wing players already suck and they are probably going to lose both their starters. While I think that we will be trading Bosh this off-season and because no one knows what the raps will get in return it is very hard to project. If the Raps were to trade Bosh for some sort of package around Monta Ellis and like Anthony Randolph/ Biedrins ( just speculation), then the Hill pick might make more sense, but right now I dont like it.

                              I really am enjoying reading this whole thing though. Keep it up.

                              EDIT- didnt see your response to MOTH. But still I agree that the raps are more in need of a 5 to replace Bosh than a 4. Although Bargnani can play C he is prob more suited for PF
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                                You needed Walton to call the Jennings pick, "The worst pick... in the HISTORY of Western Civilization. To see a once proud team like the Kings make this move is disheartening, really. The Maloofs have lost their minds, and this team will not escape the NBA cellar for at least another decade and a half."

                                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                                Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
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