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    April Fools Day reminded me that I have a friend who pranked me a few years ago pretty good and I never got him back for it. So I am asking all of you twisted bastards to help me think of a way to get back at him in epic fashion. First I'll tell the story of what he did to me.

    It was our last summer at school and me and a couple other guys were taking classes and living in a house together, 4 guys in the house and 1 guy who lived off campus but slept on our couch all the time. So my one roommates parents come up to visit him and his dad gives us 60 bucks to buy booze (ironically enough, his dad is a drug and alcohol counselor). We decide to go cheap and get a case of beer, some liquor, and Mad Dog 20/20.

    We all get pretty drunk after killing the case and playing Mad Dog pong and about some point after 1, I give everyone the Irish Goodbye and go to bed. All my friends get pissed that I went to bed (I don't think going to bed after 1 is unreasonable, especially because I was up somewhat early for class that day) so they decide they are going to antique me.

    Now they didn't just run into my room and throw **** on me. They decide to climb through my bedroom window, which my bed is right next to, and get me that way. Also my bedroom is on the second floor of our house.

    So they come up with this grand scheme which involves my one friend lifting the other onto an awning outside my window, him opening my window and climbing in while another sneaks into my room to take a picture. They coordinate over the phone, and when the one gives the signal my friend dives through the window onto my bed and throws Bisquick in my face (We didnt have flour) scaring the absolute **** out of me, while the other takes a picture. Here it is.

    It wouldn't have been a big deal if they had just run in my room and thrown something on me, but they jumped through my second story window onto my bed, which scared the crap out of me, especially while I'm still kinda drunk. I got back two of the guys the next morning, but the one who jumped through my window locked his door and managed to escape retribution. I feel the need to repay him now, several fold.

    It doesn't need to be quick. In fact, I would prefer something long and drawn out, just so long as one day I can say "Got you back" and he will know. I would only say nothing to cause him extreme bodily harm or make him lose his job, as I am still friends with the guy. Any ideas?

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    If they are living in a place that has a front lawn, you can get some cheap sun tan lotion and spell the the words "NARC" in big letters on the grass. It comes in slow, about a week or two, and stays there for a long time.

    2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack



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