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  • Originally posted by andyjo672 View Post
    Thankfully because of work I've had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling. That being said:

    1). Madison, WI
    2). Chicago
    3). San Francisco
    4). Cabo-Best place in Mexico, by far and I've been to 6 other destination cities
    5a). NYC
    5b). Washington DC
    6). Boston
    7). Minneapolis-To the person that said there's nothing to do there, they obviously were there during the winter and didn't go out at nights
    8). Munich
    9). Montego Bay, Jamaica
    10). Puerto Vallarta
    11). Miami
    12). Cancun
    13). Atlanta
    14). Philadelphia-I wragged on it before, but now that I'm no longer living in Center City and going there every week, I admit, I miss it...
    15). Denver

    Worst Cities:
    1). Heidelberg, Germany-Nothing to do, don't accept credit cards, which is annoying
    2). Mazaltan-Never been more happy to come home from Spring Break
    3). Newark-Yikes
    4). LA
    5). Frankfurt

    I'm discounting places like Detroit, Dallas, Houston and several other cities that I wasn't in for more than a few days so can't formulate a good opinion on them.

    PS: Going to Paris and Nice this summer with the girlfriend. Any recommendations? Basically doing all the standard tourist stuff in Paris for 5 days and then spending 4 days in Nice. Plan on taking a boat cruise to St. Tropez if its worth it...
    Miami at 11? I live in Chicago and It's an awesome city but there is no way that Chicago is better than Miami.


    • Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork View Post
      I like Capetown the best.
      CT is alright...

      little sketch, but the entire area surrounding it, stellenbosch is gorgeous, a cyclists paradise... and the beaches are top notch... cape is like rio only more english speaking and less nuts...

      on chicago: if you really dive into what chicago is, there's more sustenance than miami, the true amalgam of cultures makes chicago wonderful... and besides, it's like new york without all the douchebaggery...

      i will admit the el sucks, the cta in general sucks, but part of that is due to the inability of mayor richard j. daley to actually tax people to use city streets to cut down on congestion and make them want to use our great public transportation services that we could have instead of cutting routes because everyone is driving.
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      • if you ski you can't top Park City. but I don't so here is my top 2 (i am 17, don't travel a lot):
        1. Seattle
        2. Portland

        Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan
        JBalla is mormon, so naturally he assumes that whenever you get one marriage done, another two or five are in the works.


        • Originally posted by andyjo672 View Post
          I went to school there and will put my college experience against ANYONES and that alone made it the best city for me. It will always have a soft spot in my heart and will always be my favorite place to go back and visit.

          The Student Union, right on the lake, and it sells beer
          State Street
          Camp Randall football games
          The KK

          All of it is absolutely great.
          yeah, i lived in Madison for 2 years while my wife got her masters at UW. very very very cool city. such an atmosphere, and the student union in summer is tough to beat. we just went there randomly and knew we'd run into people we knew.

          also, The Great Dane is the greatest bar in the history of the world.


          • Originally posted by awfullyquiet View Post
            CT is alright...
            Have you been surfing yet? I have always wanted to surf in Capetown. I hear that Hout Bay has some ridiculous waves.

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            • Originally posted by jballa838 View Post
              if you ski you can't top Park City. but I don't so here is my top 2 (i am 17, don't travel a lot):
              1. Seattle
              2. Portland
              Seattle is a great city, I love going there and just hanging out around the city. Plus it's so green there, as well as they have phenomenal Sushi restaurants.



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