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    Yeah, I meant at the end. Even then, everyone else seemed to struggle near the end, so I guess the better term is "letdown." Alot of momentum that fell apart at the end.

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      Phil came all the way back to choke on 2 very makeable putts. Kenny Perry choked. But congrats to Cabrera, he deserved to win.

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        Originally posted by kwilk103 View Post
        cant really say tiger and phil choked

        i mean, they were 7 back to start the day

        even if tiger birdies 17 and 18, he still loses by 2 (maybe 1, cant remember)
        They were both -4 to start the day and if he birdied 17 and 18 he would have finished at -12 instead of -8 and would have made the playoffs.

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