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HR Paper:Core Characteristics of successfull NFL prospects

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  • HR Paper:Core Characteristics of successfull NFL prospects

    I'm writng a paper for a human resources management class and the topic is what are the main core characteristics that a prospect needs to be successfull in the NFL.

    What is the most important thing?

    Prototypical measurables?

    Mental Makeup?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    It would be greatly appreciated

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    You should actually split it into two categories. Measurables and things that can't be measured. Measurables included stats, physical attributes, height weight and combine numbers, what you see on tape, etc. Things that can;t be measured which are harder to determine are football IQ, work ethic, off the field charecter, etc.

    Discuss both and then discuss meshing those and weighing them for importance and how that can lead to a succesful pick. Bring up past examples as well.
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      Seems obvious, but there's no doubt the most important thing, at the end of the day, is athletic ability. If you're not gifted enough physically, there's just no way you'll make it in the league.


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        You owe boe for writing your outline. Great answer.

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          Coaching at the pro level.

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