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    Originally posted by eaglesalltheway View Post
    Blizzards aren't too bad really, as long as people are semi-prepared. Most people are used to it. Floods are a really localized thing though. you have to be within a close distance to any of the rivers, and luckily, my house is on a hill, and the worst thing we ever had to deal with was a puddle in our basement, haha. My uncle lives near a river though, and a few years back, his entire basement was under 5 feet of water.

    The storms here are sweet, about two weeks ago we had a big hail storm (for PA standards) in my town and we had hail a little smaller than baseballs, took a bunch of pictures of them and stuff since I probably won't see that for a long time, if ever. Really the only thing we have to worry about is wind damage, haha.
    Yeah, we had crazy hail a couple weeks ago too. I dont honestly remember seeing hail here before.
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      My father was a fire-fighter for the Forrest Service in CA. Where I grew up, surrounded by Mendocino Nat'l Forrest and in the county I lived, there was a huge, land devastating fire every 10 or so years. I know all about it. Hope you are in a safe area.

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