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Serious question: How do you improve in the clutch?

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    Originally posted by IndyColtScout View Post
    Please don't just say prep and practice. Sometimes no matter how much you prepare, you can be put into a new/unforseen situation.

    Sometimes, I do well in the cluth and sometimes I don't.

    I want to hear what some of you have done in sports situations to help you succeed in high pressure situations.

    Any tips for me?

    How do you shake yourself and get that pressure/anxiety of failure out of your head?
    I just assume I'm the best person out there. This isn't exactly the clutch, but it has to do with the same thing. My sophomore year of high school, I got moved up to varsity because the starting QB got hurt. I was moved up the tuesday before the game. So I had 3 days of practice on varsity. The QB who started the game got hurt, so I had to go in. I wasn't the slightest bit nervous, even though there were 12-15k people at the game(it was against our rivals.) I wasn't nervous because I didn't give a damn what anyone but my teammates thought of how I did. The pressure on me didn't change whether I was playing peewee football or d1 football. My teammates and I were the only ones who mattered, I couldn't let anyone else down and I couldn't win the game for anyone else.

    So my advice? **** the fans, just worry about you.

    Something that I think Chuck Noll said has really stuck with me, "Being nervous is the sign of the unprepared."
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      It's all psychology. Some of it is just in you, some of it you can create. Confidence is the biggest thing. If you are confident in you ability to get the job done, you won't let nerves affect you.

      I drag race and when I get in the finals, I need that right mix of fear of losing but at the same time the confidence that I won't to keep me on top of my game. Really helps me to lock down and focus.


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        Improve clutch? Easy. Go into the hyperbolic time chamber!

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          pre-game visualization.

          and practice in similar situations. honestly, being emotional is the worst for any particular situation, being calculating and methodical is much more viable.

          i know, i ride a bike, critical moments where you have to chase down a breakway thats rapidly escaping or in the final 1000m where you're basically in a lead-out dogfight to determine who wins... it's all about having a plan and reacting naturally, what helps is practice in such situations... why do you think football teams practice 2 minute drills... being able to pull a david tyree every time is highly unlikely... but having good hands and concentration will help you go far.

          knowing your limitations is the best advice, any good coach will know these too.

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