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2009 NHL Draft/Free Agency discussion

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  • 2009 NHL Draft/Free Agency discussion

    The best postseason in all of sports, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, will be starting now. One team will be crowned champion.

    But all 30 teams will be using the NHL Draft and free agency to get better so that they can achieve that feat in the '09-'10 season.

    The 2009 NHL Draft lottery takes place this Tuesday, April 14th 8pm et live on TSN and Versus.

    May 25 - 30 is when the NHL Combine occurs.

    The 2009 NHL Draft will be held in the Bell Centre in Montreal, on June 26 - 27.

    July 1st marks the beginning of free agency signing period.

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    Brian Burke please dont sign the Sedins,save the money for Nash next year

    O and Betteman rig it so the Leafs move up..... PLEASE


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      Leafs have a 4.7% chance of winning the lottery, which would bump them to the 3rd overall pick. Crazy as it sounds, I have hope it can happen. That's not too bad a shot.

      I would love to sign the Sedins, although would love Nash [in 2010] more but don't think he leaves Columbus. The Jackets will lock him up to a mega deal, they are a much better situation than the Leafs right now anyways.

      I like Cammalleri, but Toronto isn't the best fit for him, I don't think. Gaborik might cost too much - as could Bouwmeester, who I'm not crazy about and would rather avoid overpaying, I think he's overrated. Although yes, the Leafs need more lefty defensemen.
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        Erik Karlsson is god. That is all.


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          Here's a list of FAs to be come July 1st...



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            Would there be enough interest to conduct an NHL offseason mock. There would be a resigning period, followed by a FA period and then eventually followed by the draft(maybe only do 2 rounds) with trades as well. People could double up on teams if need be and we would need one commish who has extensive knowledge of the NHL who would have the final say on the terms of the signings and who signs where.

            Edit: sorry for the triple post


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              I'd do an MHL mock off-season, it would be pretty cool.

              I hate the Leafs for playing themselves out of Tavares contention, but the consolation prize won't be horrible. I wouldn't mind the Swedish guy with two names or Luke's brother
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                John Tavares wins at life.


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                  I suppose the good thing about the Sens finishing 9th is that we got the last spot in the lottery and therefore we can only go up. Ha I will laugh if we end up with a higher pick than the Leafs tomorrow night.


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                    Mike Grier, Alexei Semenov are the only important starters we need to keep.


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                      Here is to hoping Calgary resigns Cammalleri.

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                        btw, if we can't get Grier cheap then I hope we get Samuel Pahlsson


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                          Matt Duchene is gonna be a star. I love him.



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                            with franzen signed we just need to worry about hossa. detroit could have a 09/10 roster that is a lot different than this seasons.
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                              I'm not a huge hocley fan, but i think that the Wild need to sign the Sedin boys....
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