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    Originally posted by Brent View Post
    I'm aware; trust me it's not much different here.
    I always thought Texas A&M was a party school..


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      Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
      Don't lie Brent, you know that was a drunk tirade.
      eh, 50/50

      Originally posted by YAYareaRB View Post
      I always thought Texas A&M was a party school..
      Party school? No, it's just that all there is to do is drink or at least enhance your activities with alcohol. Most places have one night where they have a lot of drink specials and those are spread out through the week, so you can drink just about any time you want.

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        Originally posted by JHG722 View Post
        I'm not going to waste my time noting the fantastic programs at schools outside of the top 50, but the point is that anyone can exceed anywhere, most schools provide a great education, and being outside of some arbitrary number in some arbitrary ranking does not mean a school is not good.

        Now you're comparing individual programs at schools to entire universities, which was what I was ranking. You can't just change the scope of an argument to suit your needs and call that evidence. That's not how it works. And to call the rankings more arbitrary than your opinions doesn't make sense either. Also, if you WANTED to go into individual programs, how would you discuss the benefits of those. Answer, the rankings as well. Nice try.



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