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The NFL Draft Drinking Game

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    For the people who made mock drafts you can drink every time you were wrong.
    Originally posted by SunTzu_22
    Just let it go RWO.
    We as Ravens fans are clearly scum of the earth, and should just be happy that these great people, who cheer for nothing than the finest, morally impeccable players, playing on the finest, most morally impeccable teams, will grace us with their presence, and words of wisdom.

    John Wall


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      When they show an interview with Tony Mandarich and talk about the incredible bust, take 3 drinks
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      Originally posted by BaLLiN72
      i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
      Originally posted by Job
      NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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        Originally posted by Xonraider View Post
        Every time the Raiders draft anyone who runs under 4.3
        Good one but no one did that this year so we'll go under 4.4


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          When the Eagles draft a lineman on either side of the ball take 3 drinks.


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            Whenever they mention all the draft picks Dallas gave up for Roy Williams.

            Or anytime you hear "Terrell Owens", "T.O", or "team cancer".

            Whenever you hear "High character guy", or "intangibles".

            And here's my favorite... chug whenever you hear the term "cerebral". God my blood boils every time i hear that.


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              You would die of alcohol poisoning.


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                If your team drafts a running back from Penn State in the 1st round (It doesn't apply to this year, but still) take 10 drinks.

                Every time you here the phrase "in space" take a drink.

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                  When you hear Kiper say, "When you look at ____________"

                  I swear he says that when talking about every prospect.

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                    -Whenever someone is mentioned as having upside or potential
                    -Whenever someone is mentioned as being a high-motor player
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                      I'm already playing Edward 40-hands later that day :/



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                        There needs to be an NFLN one as well. Especially when mayock says either "good tape", "bad tape", "in a phone booth", and of course "heavy legged waist bender"


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                          Whenever the word "ceiling" or "upside" is said, take a sip.

                          Whenever the Jets or the Eagles fans boo their own pick, take a drink.

                          Whenever the Jets or the Eagles fans do not boo their own pick, take three drinks. If they actually CHEER their own pick, finish the bottle, start another, and take an additional drink.

                          Whenever one of the analysts spoils the pick seconds before the commissioner takes the podium, say "OH COME ****ING ON" and take a drink. If they were WRONG, laugh at them and take a shot.


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                            Originally posted by JT Jag View Post
                            Whenever the Eagles fans boo their own pick, take a drink
                            Rightfully so, considering our terrible draft history.
                            Temple University Owls


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                              I would die after about 15 minutes.


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                                BY the looks of it anyone playing better have access to a Keg. There is going to be a lot of drinking.

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                                they get smoked.

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