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  • lol. I've been laughing at this all day xD.

    mucho props to wiscbadgerfootball

    Originally posted by scottyboy
    like honestly lebron, instead of south beach, why don't you take your talents and just shove them up your ass.


    • Originally posted by EvilNixon View Post

      lol. I've been laughing at this all day xD.
      It is so true. Though I'm one of the people who come running down the hill everytime he calls Detox. I really thought finally it would come out when hr announced his single with Jay-Z would be out in two weeks. A month later and still no single. I love Dre and have listened to The Chronic and 2001 countless times but even I am having enough of this.


      • Either Detox is never coming out or its gonna have like 50 songs on it lol

        "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


        • I think we've been waiting since I was a junior in HS.. I'm now a junior(redshirt) in college.


          • It's gonna be a 5 disc avant-garde album. I expect numerous songs to be over 15 minutes long.


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              • Originally posted by YAYareaRB View Post
                I'm still vibin to this ****

                crown so tight that it cuts off circulation to the brain, no oxygen, in other words theres no heir to the throne

                That **** just makes me more excited for Recovery

                Can't stop listening to J. Cole's Funkmaster Flex freestyle, Ignorant **** freestyle and Who Dat too. So many quotables.

                man I'm damn near homeless the way I be picking up dimes

                Suddenly your idols is your competition/ used to be like God to me, slowing losing my religion

                clown told me aint you Roc? well where the **** ya chain at/ guess it's something like your girl N it ain't came yet

                is that your girl? well I just Jeter, no A-Rod

                Sig by BoneKrusher


                • New song and video from one of the best rappers out there today.


                  • I love Gibbs' flow. He's so sick.


                    • I played the cards I was given, thank God I'm still livin
                      Pack my nine til it's time to go to prison
                      As I'm bailin down the block that I come from, still gotta pack a gun
                      Case some young mo*********er wanna play dumb
                      I guess I live life forever jugglin
                      But I'll be hustlin til the early mornin cause I'm strugglin
                      Like drinkin liquor make the money come quicker
                      Gettin pages from my bi**h it's time to dick her
                      I ain't in love with her, I just wanna be the one to hit her
                      Drop off and let the next n**** get her
                      That's the way it goes, it's time to shake a hoe, make the dough
                      Break a hoe when it's time to make some mo'
                      I keep my finger on the trigger of my Glock
                      Ridin down the block lickin shots at the punk-ass *cops*
                      And spittin game through my mobile phone
                      The type of s*** to get them hoes to bone
                      My Definition of a Thug N****

                      What chu doin? "Mob-mobbin like a mo********er"


                      • Got this DLing with one rolled up and ready to go:

                        gonna get lifted, give it a listen, and play some Fifa, will post my thoughts later.


                        • Originally posted by Charm City Byrdgang View Post
                          Got this DLing with one rolled up and ready to go:

                          gonna get lifted, give it a listen, and play some Fifa, will post my thoughts later.
                          I loved it.
                          When I eat, it is the food that is scared.


                          • distant relatives is fire.

                            airplanes part 2 > part 1?

                            i think so. em straight kills it.


                            • Scarface, Ice Cube, and Kool G Rap on the same track...absurd.
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                              • Originally posted by Rob S View Post
                                I loved it.
                                Me too. Listened to it today and I must say that Nas is back. He had a couple weak albums where lyrically he wasn't as good. But he rips it on some tracks on this album.



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