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    Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
    This is spot on. It's not bad for the Raiders to take DHB, but they reached on him, especially considering both Crabtree and Maclin were on the board. I do think it could work out to some extent but I find it hard to imagine DHB being better than either one of those guys. I think Hakeem Nicks will also end up being better than DHB being the #1 receiver for Eli Manning in a good situation in New York.
    The thing is if we was their #1 WR and no one wanted to trade up then why would they take Crabtree just because every other team has him ranked above. They didn't want to trade past 13-15 because there were rumors that teams like the Giants wanted to move up for him, so they took there guy. Not great value in the general scheme of the draft, but if they think he's the top guy, then you can't fault them.

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      I suggest nail gun to the head. It is effective if you do it about 30 times.


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        At least you all didn't draft 37 linebackers.


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          im going to cry


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            Originally posted by Xonraider View Post
            im going to cry
            Write a letter to Al Davis citing your disapproval. Make sure its in 72 font, though.


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              I think the Raiders and the Chiefs need to forget their rivalry and start a support group.

              In all seriousness WR is just one of those positions where your scheme and your coaching staff can value completely different things. I love me some DHB and can totally see why the Raiders thought he was the best for them and if they couldnt trade back they might as well pull the trigger.
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                Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
                At least you all didn't draft 37 linebackers.
                I'm getting word that Jerry is signing every OLB in UDFA.

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