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    Originally posted by Strongside View Post
    Really no harm in steroids as long as you keep a steady routine and drink plenty of Muscle Milk. Especially when you're injecting.
    fixed for you.


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      Muscle Milk!!!! Protein!!!!! Hgh!!! Power Bar!!!!!!!

      cred 2 BoneKrusher


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        Ok here is how to do it, I have done this and actually talked to a Health guy, a doctor and a sports medicine doctor on top of that.

        Creatine really does no harm if you do it the right way, if not you can really hurt yourself (liver, brain etc.)
        The way to do it is this way

        Creatine before and/or after you work out for 1 month straight (at least 1 time a day, recommened dose)
        Protein in Milk 2 times a day everyday (Even after you take a break of Creatine)
        Other type of protein (penut butter sandwhich 2 hours or so before you workout, so lunch, and within 2 hours of working out, dinner)
        Make sure on top of that you drink plenty of water everyday otherwise you will start to get really dizzy and lightheaded.

        After 1 month on creatine, take 25-30 days off without any creatine and only the other things. Then repeat the process. Best way is right there.

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          ohhh, sounds like symptoms of the swine flu... well, it's been nice knowing ya!


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            Can't stress the plenty of fluids part enough.


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              Originally posted by Strongside
              Really no harm in it as long as you keep a steady routine and drink plenty of water. Especially when you're drinking.
              Just to be clear, I meant "drinking" as in drinking alcohol, not drinking a creatine shake. Because alcohol is a diuretic-blah blah grade 9 health.


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                don't drink alcohol how about that.

                Creatine is good in moderation, like every thing. Try other production first before going to pure creatine. Try adding extra whey protein to your diet, or add more calories, in the form of a well balanced weight gainer, try Cyto Sports weight gainer, Cyto Gainer.

                Also creatine comes in food, like beef.


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                  I know some were joking, but I am not. Use steroids.


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                    Eh, I wouldn't bother to be honest. I'm not saying it's not safe or anything (although it's not exactly good for you either) but I just don't see the point to be honest. Too much hassle consuming fluids all the time and having to take it properly in order to get results.

                    There are plenty of other alternatives to creatine and if your body is losing strength it's probably just overworked more than anything else if you have been continually lifting weights with consistency.

                    I think most people just don't realize that when you really start gaining a lot of muscle and strength you need to maintain what you're doing to keep muscle but more importantly you need to give your body the proper rest in order for the muscle cells to break down and rebuild themselves.

                    That is usually a big problem in that people will lift ever day but not alternate their muscle groups properly and it leads to muscle breakdown.
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                      Really, for what you will spend on it, you wont see improvements. Creatine, in my opinion, is highly overrated. Protein is a much better investment. You get enough creatine in your natural diet to produce muscle growth, overloading your system with synthetic **** wont do you any good. I suggest that you vary your workout routine. Oftentimes, when working out and seeming to plateau, its just your body getting used to your current program. I make a habit of getting a new program every 4 weeks, that way, Im always making gains instead of just training my body to do certain exercises well. Id suggest that, and whey protein after working out if you really wanna pack on the muscle. Avoid creatine IMO.
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