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Ron Artest in trouble again

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    Originally posted by sdpads24 View Post
    The next Rodman?

    Dude, Rodman was messed up, but I don't think EVEN HE was this messed up.

    Yeah, Pacers definitely made a horrible decision getting rid of him.


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      he needs to be traded

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        Ron Artest>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pacman Jones if you compare how good they are at each of their sports. Artest is right around the third best small forward in the league right now.


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          Whomever picks up Artest, if they can put him in the right situation, will get a major steal.
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            Hey Psycho or not I'd want him to play on the wizards.


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              Originally posted by Charm City Byrdgang View Post
              Hey Psycho or not I'd want him to play on the wizards.

              Yea, it's not like he's missing work because of heroin or anything.

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              Originally posted by Emmitt Smith
              Donít quit, donít even quit.


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                Both Artest and Pac Man are similar in that they seem to have a skewed perception of right and wrong. Or maybe they're under the impression that, as athletes, they are invulnerable to any negative consequences of their actions. These two need to learn their lessons or else they'll be under the label of "wasted talent".


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                  Originally posted by cunningham06 View Post
                  Pacman is much more gangsta than Artest. Artest is just stupid.
                  Oh well in that case nevermind. I was under the impression Pacman was stupid. If he's a gansta hand him James bond's license to kill because bond oviously dosen't deserve it anymore with the new ermerging presence of a gansta like Pacman. Pacman is defiently a stud because he's a gansta....

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