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Hatton vs Pacquiao

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    It would be nice to get a fresh face involved thats for sure......and I really hate Chris Arreola and wish HBO would stop shoving him down our throats.
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      Yeah, there was a reason I didnt mention Arreola when talking about a marketable american heavy weight.

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        A little off topic but from last night's undercard obviously Chris Gray is crap competition but Erislandy Lara is such an intriguing prospect. Still though it was very evident that he still has lots to learn about adjusting to the pro game from amateur boxing. The body and skills are there though.

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          CNN International is reporting that preliminary numbers suggest huge PPV buys for Pacquiao-Hatton.

          [E]arly indications from cable companies were that the scheduled 12-round light-welterweight bout could get as many as two million buys.

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            Man this sucked to see. Expected but it still wasn't nice, Hatton had a talent and I think he could well have gone on to be elite (his last 2 losses prove he is in the tier below now) but eating garbage and drinking 8 pints of guinness a day do nothing for you as a boxer. It's a shame but I hope to god he retires now, there's no one left for him to fight.

            Unless he wants to put Khan in a coma I hope he calls it a day.

            Props to Manny though, the guy is just a beast and I see him destroying Mayweather Jr if they ever get at it.


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              Does every athlete need to have a nickname these days. The worst are recycled nicknames. Stop calling him Pac Man. That's lame and old. If you need to call him a nickname try something like "PacquiOW" or some shiz... :D

              By the way, people who paid to see that got pwned.


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                Manny has a bunch of nicknames...but, as far as in the public's eye. Pacquiao was Pacman before anyone even knew who Adam Jones was. I know Adam got his nickname from his grandma or some jazz like that but, Manny was a professional boxer going by Pacman well before Adam Jones was even in college.

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                  I watched the fight at a bar and the place was going nuts, there were a lot of people cheering for both guys so that made it fun


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                    Originally posted by Halsey View Post
                    By the way, people who paid to see that got pwned.
                    Even knowing the outcome now, I still woulda paid to see that. One of the most amazing knockouts I've seen in awhile.

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