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What do you love/ hate about your hometown?

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    Los Angeles - Love: diverse city, endless options, great music scene. Hate: traffic.


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      Originally posted by slightlyaraiderfan View Post
      Los Angeles - Love: diverse city, endless options, great music scene. Hate: sarf flu.
      fixed it for you


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        Like Brent, I associate 2 places with home.

        Like: Big city, lots to do, lots of people my age
        Dislike: Lots of idiots

        Like: Chilled out atmosphere, good people, reasonably large city nearby
        Dislike: Less to do

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          Peoria, AZ

          Love: Nice neighborhood. Places are expanding and getting more stores and malls.

          Hate: The heat. Other things.


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            Syracuse New york:

            Love- There is a lot of stuff to do. Food, Bars, Golf, Sport games, you can find anything withthin about 20 minutes.

            Hate- Weather. Its unpredictable and usually crappy. I literally went outside to catch some sun on the same day it snowed. And the summers are humid.


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              Things I love about Chicago- The night life, I never run out of things to do, The Cubs and the beach.

              Things I hate about Chicago- It's too damn cold in the winter, traffic and the roads are awful


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                Nothing to love, really...except my friends. Love the people but, this place is freaking boring. As for the location of my house itself, I'd say the only real benefit is that I am 5 steps away from a basketball court so, I'll always be able to play some games or just shoot around when bored. I do play, there is that.

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                  Hometown growing up, Ringgold, LA.

                  good things: not much trouble, very small town (population: 1600), close community

                  bad things: one stoplight, absolutely nothing to do but be country. nothing. and not really close to anything substantial either.

                  Since then, Dallas, TX.

                  good things: you can't really run out of things to do, awesome music scene with Austin and UNT being so close, money, and the walmart closest to my house might have been the cleaniest place i have ever been in.

                  bad things: traffic....oh my goodness. the fact that it takes an hour to get just about anywhere. and prices of things.

                  Silverback....still the best.

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                    I live in some suburb in Connecticut.

                    Good - uh...drawing blanks here.

                    Bad - everything else.


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                      I associate two spots as home as well.

                      Laie, HI:
                      Love - Everything. I love my family and I consider the whole town my family. It's a little town. Very country. Probably one of the last "Country" spots on the island of Oahu.

                      Hate - Nothing much to do there, as far as jobs are concerned. No opportunities.

                      Marina, CA:
                      Love - Nothing really. My friends.

                      Hate - Everything. Boring. Wannabe gangsters. Everyone knows me.


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                        Kent, WA:
                        Love - The people, the weather, the scenery.
                        Hate - The sports.

                        Columbus, OH:
                        Love - The sun, the sports, the midwest feel.
                        Hate - The weather, the economy, the midwest feel.
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                          Likes: Sports teams. Laid back Texans. Lot of things to do. Plus if the Trinity River Project ever gets underway, that will make the Downtown area 5x better.

                          Dislikes: The heat in the summer time. Aside from the Mavericks and Stars, all other sports teams are outside Dallas county (seriously WTF).


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                            Originally posted by stephenson86 View Post
                            i live in manchester england, good things. i live in a very nice village, however im knowhere near football merchandise :(
                            Well the 3 greatest bands in the history of music came from Manchester. That's a big plus.


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                              Originally posted by Paul View Post
                              Dislikes: Aside from the Mavericks and Stars, all other sports teams are outside Dallas county (seriously WTF).
                              Arlington Cowboys FTW!!!

                              Silverback....still the best.

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                                Independence KY

                                Like - Decent sized city, I live in a rural part but I'm just 7 miles from where there is stuff to do. Only 25 minutes from Cincinnati. The big winter snows are sweet, good time to act like an idiot. Mostly middle class, normal people which I like. Very close to the Reds, Bengals and UK basketball which makes me happy.

                                Dislike - Winter is too long and crappy. As a result the females have to wear too much clothes for a too long of a period.



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