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Who is the Washington Redskins SuperFan? (Read Post before voting)

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    Originally posted by SeanTaylorRIP View Post
    Here is my thoughts on everyone:

    Hchu: He got my vote. Excellent poster. Very smart and crafty poster who's posts are about content not flash. He got my vote because he's been holding down the skins forums for a long time. At one point basically the Skins team forum was just me and him and a couple sprinkles from other teams.

    Dirtythirty: I had to really think about this one. Honestly any other time I'd vote for DT but I went with Hchu for respect for how long he's been here. To be honest though DT not me is your ultimate skins fan and IMO should be getting the vote in this. The guy knows the Skins up and down more than anyone on this site. He is also active on other skins forums and if I need an update on anything Skins, I look to his posts. As of late I think DT has become one of the best posters on this site. He has also become increasingly involved throughout the boards in the draft section and fantasy activities.

    Critesy: Awesome poster. He's also was one of the lone skins fans holding it down at NFLDC for a while. He doesn't post an excessive amount every day, but when you do see his posts they are all quality. And hell he might be one of the only skins fans other than me left who still wants JC to succeed. Very quality poster who isn't a homer and represents the Skins name well.

    Skinzzfan: Deserves some votes. Probably the most underrated Skins poster. Is always informed with the happenings of the Skins. He probably isn't that well known outside of the Skins boards though. To me he's like a young BBD, which is an amazing complement.

    703Skins202: Very underrated poster. Probably isn't that well known outside of the team boards but he posts in the draft and college sections, probably one of the more consistent posters in the skins board. I don't always agree with him, but he always gives his opinion.

    McBain: Mysterious poster. Doesn't post often but sometimes has some great posts, and sometimes strange posts. Can't really explain it.

    JRTPlaya21 : Knows his VAtech stuff, don't always agree with him, but a cool poster.

    toddmlazarchick: Haha probably the most "hated" skins fan on the boards hence his -611 rep, but I like him. Is there to keep everyone in late and bash us when we are being stupid.

    Also he's not in the poll but 2livecrew deserves a mention, all of his posts are in the Skins forum but all posts are quality posts.

    Also going back in the day but SidneyG deserves a mention. He's a great poster, but your lucky if he posts once every 3 months. Also there is ST21 can't remember his new name now off the top of my head but he's been a much improved poster since he changed his username.
    I lol'd at this post.

    Here's why

    In a sea of pseudo sports casters one man stands apart. Seriously, i heard ghetto picked crest mouth wash because he thought that listerine's claim of 99.9 percent of all germs killed was an inflated stat... he picked crest because he felt that while there measuarbles weren't there they had the heart and the know how to clean out his mouth good and proper. He never quits. I would have picked him... but i loves me some me.


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      Since I love me, I'm going with myself. Really though DT, STRIP, and skinzzfan25 deserve the votes.



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        I went with STRIP. When I think of a 'Skins fan, he is the first person that pops into my head. He seems very knowledgeable and always has great insight. Dirty Thirty is also very good and would be second for me.

        The love that ghetto has shown for the late Sean Taylor, my favorite player of all time, certainly helped him in my mind as well.

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          skinzzfan24? really? c'mon guys haha sike

          But I really think that the Skins, and the NFC East, as a whole are represented really well here on SWDC. Plenty of great posters.

          Being a team lead is too easy for the Skins, everybody really moderates themselves I just make it look pretty (although I guess that could be said for the whole community, we're a pretty easy crowd).
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            i voted for strip because he's such a great poster and plus he's a hawks fan.

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            Originally posted by fenikz
            we all hate you


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              Went with STRIP, but Dirty Thirty is a very good poster too.

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                Hchu squeezes my pleases, and I look up to him, and that is why I am partly named after him. However, I said STRIP was my favorite to win it all in a previous thread. He got my vote.


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                  Ghettosermon. I always consider him a college fan first though.

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                    i looked over everything pretty hard and gave a vote towards myself to give me a commanding lead on 3rd place with 4.

                    EDIT: ****! im 4th

                    RIP, Sean Taylor.


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                      Ghetto takes it and will face off against D-Unit, and the Giants/Eagles SuperFan down the line! Next one up shortly!

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                        Ahh man, how did I miss out on this? Yeah I love my Skins a lot, but they find ways to make me mad. So I stick with my VT knowledge for the most part. Of course it doesn't hurt when you get offers to come hang out at Clinton's house with Santana and the boys.

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