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    You may have noticed a little bigger banner ad today but there is a reason for it.

    The company I go through is running a "one-day blast campaign" with higher payouts for certain ad types so I am giving it a shot for March 6, after which I will likely go back to the one that fits better.

    Anyway, if you like the site and forums you know what you can do to help out. :)
    Scott Wright, President


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    Done. x3.

    Thanks for running this Bad A** site!
    The Brian Sabean sig is no more. I disagreed with you on so many levels. And then you went out and built a dynasty. I am lame.


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      yea im bringin peeps aboard


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        Grr! How dare you try and make this website profitable!


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          Since everything is free I wouldn't care if there were 5 Ads per page. It would be a little annoying, but i would deal.


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            i just clicked it 20 times to see how many tabs i could get... i don't think there's a limit.

            Sig by me... Hold the applause.


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              Does it take into account the repeated clicks? I know some will only give you credit for each page view within a webpage or whatever. Is it better for us to do 20 clicks in a row or to click 20 different ads through out the forum as we read?


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                Just did it like 10 times :)


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                  I participated in the Banner gang bag


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                    well, since you are the coolest, and let us see your scouting reports and such for free, the least I could do for you is spend 1 ****** of my life and click on a couple adds to make you a few more bucks!

                    Scott... you da Man!

                    ^Thanks to Eaglez.Fan for the sweet sig!


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                      u should get a commercial on nfl draft day bet alot of people would join

                      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                        u should get a commercial on nfl draft day bet alot of people would join
                        talk about the site crashing


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                          Originally posted by TH3 View Post
                          talk about the site crashing
                          Haha...That would be pretty sweet though.

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                          Originally posted by JBCX
                          Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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                            We're making you rich.



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