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Should I put my dog down?

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  • Should I put my dog down?

    He's 15 years old.

    Up until yesterday though, you would not have known it. You probably would have guessed he was 8 or 9.

    Anyways, a year ago his hip popped out of place and he was suffering for a good three days. Then it popped back in and he was fine. He was jumping on furniture, playing with his ball, running round, going for walks, etc...

    Well, yesterday his hip popped back out again. He can barely move. Anytime he tried to get up from the laying position he yells out loud. I'm not sure its just going to pop back in place this time.

    I want to take him to the vet, but I have no money and my parents don't seem to care.

    I'm not about to pop a cap in him, but I feel sad that he is in pain.

    What should I do?

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    After one day? I wouldn't. If it goes on long-term, ask again. That's my best advice. I put one of my dogs down whose legs didn't work, it's very sad.


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      damn man tough situation. if he's suffering it may be best to put him down. i know its a ****** thing to have to do, but it may be your only option. hopefully his hip pops back into place man. good luck.
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        Write Mike Vick a letter asking for advice.


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          id still try to go to a vet first before putting him down


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            yeah, give it time man.

            my old dog got real sick once...she was miserable. vomitting. losing all her hair. had open sores everywhere. my dad made an appointment to have her put down. between the phone call and the appointment, she showed signs of improvement and ended up making a full recovery. she lived 2 more years.

            my the vet. see if you can just talk to somebody about it without investing a lot of money in a dog that is past its life expectancy.

            what kind of dog is it?


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              Yea, definitely not after one day. If anything you can look up maybe how to pop it back in place yourself. It will hurt him to hell and back but it would help him. Also, what kind of dog is it?? 15 years is a long time. Has to be a little dog, so shouldn't be hard to pop back into place.

              Let him be for a bit. It might pop itself back in place and he can still go on. No need to act irrationally and take him out back already.....I had to do that to one of my dogs one time, it is NOT fun.

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                I had to do that to a dog I had all the way through middle and High school. Hated having to make that choice. I feel for ya bro, if you've never had a pet like that it can sound silly to get that wrapped about it, but they do become like family. I hope your dog turns out to be ok.

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                  Originally posted by Mr. Hero View Post
                  Write Mike Vick a letter asking for advice.
                  Neg rep. Not cool dude.


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                    I guess the humane thing is to put him down. The other option would be to let him live in agony before he finally dies of old age...

                    But it's a crappy call to make, I guess it all depends on exactly how much pain he's in.

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                      Originally posted by Mr. Hero View Post
                      Write Mike Vick a letter asking for advice.
                      Too soon, you should wait a couple of days... just like indycoltscout should do before he puts his dog down.


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                        OK, I will wait a few more days. Thanks for the advice and support guys this dog is like my little brother.


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                          I've had to do it before. It's a hard thing to do. But if the dog is in pain, there really isn't much of a choice to be made.


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                            I had to do it once, vey sad. I probably have to do it with my girl soon again. :(

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                              yeah, you should definitely call a vet and wait.

                              I had a dog that had to be put down a few years ago due to cancer. Sucked.

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