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Who is the Buffalo Bills SuperFan? (Read Post before voting)

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    wow.. some great posters for the bills
    i went with supermcgee!

    Go Ravens!


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      Originally posted by bored of education View Post
      Actually I forgot that the Bills are my second favorite team. :D I am really losing my mind over this one. Who ever plus reps me 1st wins!~
      my shout out wasnt enough BOE? :(
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        I'd like to thank you all that voted for me. As a team we're definitely among the strongest on the board and in my personal opinion, all deservant of the SuperFan title. It's nice to have a haven for smart Bills talk and I thank all these fine posters up for election for providing that for me since 2005. However I did vote for myself, because hey, I'm an asshole

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          I went with Bills2083. This was a VERY hard one for me. Art, SuperMcGee, Rob S, and SuperKevin are all VERY good posters on this board.

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            Originally posted by SuperKevin View Post
            Detroit? I don't think I've ever said a single word about Detroit in my 4 years on this board. The only team confusion I could possibly see is for San Diego since I lived down there for 2 years and followed them closely
            Thats my bad I don't look at user names very much.
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              So SuperMcGee is the victor then.


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                Yup. Sorry for the tardiness, I drove back to school today.

                SuperMcgee wins! Next one will be up shortly.

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