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    Originally posted by cdub11 View Post
    awesome, did you say anything about PLAYOFFS?
    My buddy taking the picture said: "say playoffs" instead of "say cheese"...

    He was not annoyed... he laughed a bit
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    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
    Thanks jerks, I have an exam tomorrow and reading this lowered my IQ by 14 points. Dicks.


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      Originally posted by cdub11 View Post
      awesome, did you say anything about PLAYOFFS?
      I'm pretty sure he gets that all the time. He'd probably be annoyed by it if anything.


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        I run into Packers all the time. I can't even count the number of times i've just seen 'em out at the bar or mall or grocery store.

        some of the best ones were:

        went out after a packer game and Bubba Franks was, my brother and were eyeballing him to see if he was taller than my brother (he is 6' 7), eventually, i just told him to go stand next to, he did. and we were all staring at him trying to figure out who was taller...Bubba eventually noticed we were up to something, so he turned and asked my brother; "can i help you with something?" sounded kinda annoyed. so, my bro told him what was going on and, next thing we knew, they were standing back to back comparing height. they were dead even.

        another time, during the miserable 4-12 season of 2005, we were out at a bar, talking about how much the packers sucked...and, my wife was kinda drunk..and in a mode where she could be counted on to give a loud negative response to any packer player, my friend said; "how about Mark Tauscher?" and, wifey loudly exclaimed "he sucks." I couldn't stop this from happening, but after the fact i told her that Mark Tauscher was sitting about 3 feet away from her when she said this."

        my brother had the best stories though. he worked at one of the nicer golf courses in GB, so he saw all the players and coaches regularly. he had some great stories.

        remember the commercials with NFL players giving tours of their homes? AJ Hawk did one. he came into the pro shop and asked to borrow a set of golf, my bro gave him a loner pair...but, found it weird since he's seen AJ play with his own clubs before...well...he understood when he saw the commercial air with AJ throwing a set of clubs off his balcony.

        also, one time when Brett Favre came in to golf a quick 9 holes, my brother asked if he "wanted some company out there." he got shot down..but, can't blame him for trying.


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          I totally forgot, I used to work at a car wash and Anthony Davis would come in all the time with his black PT Cruiser and he would get free detailing because the owners were USC fans.


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            I was on the All-Star Baseball '07 team bus. I sat across from Barry Zito and he had two perfect tens sitting next to him. It was a pretty sweet experience.

            Thank you XxXDragonXxX for the Avatar!


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              Originally posted by Brent View Post
              Oh ****, I forgot about Cowboys players:

              Chad Hutchinson, Antonio Bryant, Jason Witten, Troy Hambrick, and I forget the others. Some of them always go to Coppell Deli after game days to get breakfast for film meetings.
              I met Hambrick in a Texas Walmart. ha. I used to love the guy.

              Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                -my best friends dad is Randy Velischek (Hobie Baker finalist, 10 year NHL pro).
                -I was coached by Sergei Starikov (former Devils defenseman, 1980 soviet union hockey team)
                -I've met Bruce Driver, Ken Daneyko, Scott Stevens, Martin Brodeur, Paul Martin, Lou Lamarillo, the Devils Owner, and a bunch more i just cant remember who haha
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                  I played football with Ramses Barden, NYG, in high school. I've talked to him a bunch of times but haven't seen him in about a year.

                  I was at the American Cinematheque dinner honoring Sam Jackson; a bunch of actors were there, but also Magic Johnson. I shook his hand and said hello very briefly.

                  Sidenote: I played basketball the next day and couldn't miss. Also threw out some sick dimes. Coincidence?


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                    I know the entire Stastny family. I've also met Zdeno Chara, Eric Desjardins John Muckler, Miro Satan, Vlad Guerrero, Pedro Martinez, David Segui, Kris Draper, and Jose Vidro. I was right next to Wayne Gretzky as he did an interview at the World Cup and almost **** myself, but couldn't say anything to him because he was doing the interview.


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                      Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan View Post
                      ALSO SAW TEAM ****** CANADA WJHC BUS when they were in the restaurant next door. Wanted to see PK sooooo bad.
                      Win. My aunt's getting me a P.K jersey for my birthday this summer. Double win.


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                        I've met Drew Tate, talked to him for a few minutes after he had a great game. He came tailgating with us, I don't remember which game.

                        I sold a computer to Rob Bruggerman's family, (Center for Iowa that was in this years draft).

                        Raef LaFrentz goes fishing with my uncle all the time during the summer. I'm always gone when they ask if I want to go unfortunately.
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                          I met Justin Miller at a local HS football game before he was drafted. I probably would not have recognize him if not for the goofy ass clemson track suit. talked to him and got an autograph, he is suprisedly laid back.

                          On Andrew Luck
                          Originally posted by killxswitch
                          People are expecting him to be some sort of alien defense-destroying robot QB and it's just not realistic.


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                            Sat by Marquis Persley in class today.


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                              I've talked to former major league baseball pitcher Jamie Navarro. Cool guy, I was like seven, and he gave me a baseball. That was when he was on the Brewers and they played in the AL, wore those old uniforms every game, and played against the Twins in Minnesota quite a bit.

                              Uh, other than that, I lived with UWM guard/forward Deonte Roberts this year. Shook hands with Coach Jeter. And I've had class with a few other UWM basketball players.

                              Also met some Twins at events most noteably Bert Blyleven.

                              Lastly, when a friend of mine and I went to Vikings training camp a couple years ago, he talked to Charles Gordon.


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                                I've met Alex Ovechkin, Matt Bradley, Jose Theodore, Milan Jurcina, Derrick Dockery, Jason Campbell, and Ryan Zimmerman.




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