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    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf) View Post
    It's a good way to keep up to date with news. Like if a hot lead singer from a band were to post nudes of herself by accident, you'd be the first to know!
    lol "by accident"

    i wasnt a fan of paramore before but I was after I saw her goodies


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      Martellus Bennett: Y the fugg is this fat chic staring at me. Don't ppl know they fat or do they think the normal? Do uglies know they ugly?? So many questions


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        Originally posted by HawkeyeFan View Post
        I'm a twitter addict, and Shane knows that!

        My twitter is
        - Enjoy my rants, life, and music tastes, and also my rants!
        Still going to bug you about that jersey!

        Follow Me on Twitter!


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          More boring than most of my posts, but hey; why not?
          Is that a rash?

          Give JKPIGSKIN credit for this masterpiece


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            Anyone else follow Seth MacFarlane on Twitter? He tweeted this today and it made me laugh for a while..

            "Hey, when those trapped miners in Chile finally get back up here, let’s all pretend to be robots from the future."

            I got a collection of some of my favorites from Seth that are worth reading:

            I think "Bieber fever" would make a great slang term for AIDS.

            1965 movie billboard: Julie Andrews cavorting joyously in the Alps.
            2010 movie billboard: Jason Bateman staring into a cupful of jizz.

            This egg recall is exactly the reason that I **** my own chickens.

            "William Peter Blatty" sounds like the three steps of diarrhea.

            When they named the storm Earl, they pretty much guaranteed that it would destroy some property.

            If "Contact" is correct about the range of our TV signals, then the cast of Jersey Shore are our ambassadors to alien civilizations. ****.

            When my cat is done being petted, he claws the **** out of my arm. It's cat talk for "Thank you for the attention. Now you will die."

            Watching Wrath of Khan. I just caught Kirk with his britches down.

            Next Presidential election, we need to get some guys with beards in there. It's been too long.

            That's enough, Katy Perry.

            I bet a porno starring Tim Allen would still be perfect for the whole family.

            I support the right of the Jedi to build a temple, but does it have to be two blocks from the ruins of the Death Star?

            Nels Oleson was a giant *****.

            I hope we never have to see what's under all that Gaga.

            Wonder if I'm the only man who's ever been forcibly kissed by David Hasselhoff on TV. I suppose I could do worse. Could've been Alan Alda.

            Barack Obama's tweets are too official. Just once I'd like to see something like: "Just took a Biden-sized ****."
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