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    Hey Draftcoutdown,

    So my family and I are looking to buy a new SUV after our old one died.
    What we are looking for:
    - pretty decent cargo space.
    - mid sized SUV, not a tank, but not a small SUV. Probably the size of a Toyota Highlander or Hyundai Santa Fe
    - 4x4
    - Automatic
    Catch though is that we are currently in a situation where we cannot afford to spend too much for one. Price ceiling is probably 22k.
    i know that price range limits a lot of choices, but do you guys know any SUVs right now that would fit the criteria and is pretty cheap?

    thanks guys

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    are you looking exclusively new or are used cars game?

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      Originally posted by niel89 View Post
      are you looking exclusively new or are used cars game?
      my mom refuses to buy used.... so im stuck with buying new...
      i know this price range is crazy -_-

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        My wife and I love our KIA Sedona. It's roomy enough for us, the 3 kids, and any stuff we are lugging around on any particular weekend. The gas-millage could be better, but other then that it's been great.

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          Hybrid SUV....might have to dish out a little extra. You probably can find one around 25.

          Same with regular SUV around 25....I think Pontiac Vibe, is in that range. But I don't know much about it.


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            Honda Pilot, I really like it.

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              Kia and Hyundai are probably the only things in your price range. There's also Suzuki's which are pretty capable 4x4s but you might not be able to afford much bigger than a Jimny.

              If your mumzy was into used you could probably get a good Forester or used toyota Landcruiser for a good deal.


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                go this route

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                  Originally posted by familyguy555 View Post
                  Honda Pilot, I really like it.
                  Yeah, I drive an '04 Honda Pilot and it's really nice.




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