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    My brother played against two NFL players:

    Knowshon Moreno (he said he was a beast)

    Anthony Fasano (he said he was tall and big but not that fast or strong)

    I played against some guys:

    Colin Larmond
    i tackled him to end the Whippany Road rivalry game(it was like 35 to something), he had like 3 TDs that game and played LB for some reason.

    this is the box score thingy

    played with mike bizzarro, he's in D-1 RB but probably wont make headlines.

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      I played baseball against Aaron Shafer, Blake Dewitt and Ross Detwiler.


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        My team played Cole Aldrich in a traveling tournament in 7th grade. He was 6'7, our tallest guy was 6'1.. we only lost by like 15 though.

        I also played Al Nolen (Minnesota Gophers starting PG) in the same tournament, those two ended up playing each other in the finals, that was a great game. Nolen's team won by like 3.

        Other than that, I've played Blake Hoffarber (the kid who hit the shot from his ass and won the ESPY and plays for the Gophers) in beer pong and nearly shut him out but they got 2 on the rebuttal.

        And this wasn't me, but my high school pitching coach pitched against Joe Mauer in high school and Mauer went 5-5 with 3 doubles and 2 dingers
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          Originally posted by Sniper View Post
          Jordan Eberle is a true Canadian hero.

          its true, and its so weird seeing him score that goal.

          RIP, Sean Taylor.


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            Played against Tommy Saunders, Brock Christopher and Aldon Smith. All were/are Mizzou guys now.


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              Originally posted by BeansDooma View Post
              rick porcello

              pride of my hometown woo
              That's pretty cool, I played against Porcello in HS. Believe it or not he was playing frosh ball when he was a freshman, didn't play varsity till his soph year. They killed us, then I blew out my elbow when I got to play varsity and never got the chance to play against him again. Didn't hit off of him but I did pitch to him, and he hit a hard ground ball that smacked my friend in the knee and got to second. He was not a bad hitter either, it'll be interesting to see how he does in interleague play. When I saw him breaking off curves warming up it was the first time I got the term "pulled the string". He was in the 80's back then.

              Got to hit off Evan Danieli same game, grounded out to second on the first pich. Was pretty glad I didn't strike out. Not nearly as good as Porcello but he threw hard also and is huge, like 6'8. The difference in control was the major difference between the two of them. He's playing for Notre Dame, but hasn't been fantastic, at least numbers wise.

              Also was physics lab partners with Mike Weich, who's a guard at Army on the football team. Not well known obviously, I don't even know if he starts, but he's a cool guy.


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                I bowled Phil Hughes at an under 16's rep carnival.

                Too bad nodoby besides the Poms and Aussies would have a clue who he is...


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                  Originally posted by jkpigskin View Post
                  since we are also doing people from our HS
                  Victor Abiamiri DE of the Eagles went to my high school. Watched him dominate on defense.

                  My friend also ran against Darrius Heyward Bey in track in HS. Im pretty sure I saw him, but didnt really pay attention.
                  Is the book "Season of Life" written about your school/football coach? I believe it featured Abiamiri.

                  Also I politely request more details about Kobe in high school.


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                    Michael Hawkins, DB Cowboys practice squad, former 5th round pick of GB
                    Travis Wilson, WR, Cowboys practice squad, former 3rd round pick of Cle

                    In basketball:

                    Deron Williams
                    Chris Bosh
                    Bracey Wright
                    Jason Maxiell

                    The only guy I actually played with on that list is Hawkins at Carrollton Turner, Travis Wilson played ball down the street at Carrollton Creekview...For Basketball Maxiell went to Newman Smith which was also in Carrollton on the same street as my school so it was always fun when he played us because he was shooting 3's and dunking on everyone all night.

                    Bracey and Deron both played ball at Colony, Texas and they were in our division so we saw them twice a year at least, and those two were probably the most hyped recruits in the area during that time so it was always a huge crowd for that game...Funny thing about those two is Bracey was the better prospect back then and the more hyped guy, the scorer, nobody really saw Deron being the much better player.

                    We played against Bosh in a tournament game when he was at Lincoln and of course he beasted, Maxiell was probably the most impressive/dominant guy out of the bunch...He was so big, could shoot the 3 with the perfect touch, and it wasn't even close when he went up for a dunk, he has really developed nicely in the league.

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                      Originally posted by superman8456 View Post
                      Honestly, he basically ran the school. I remember he even got his own parking spot in the faculty parking lot.
                      That's sick. Me and a couple other teachers had a pretty nifty arrangement with the school and faculty. Our senior years were so ******* easy it wasn't even fair.


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                        Didnt really play agianst LaMarcus Coker but my cousin dated his brother.

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                          Played against B.J. Raji in high school when i was a sophomore. He was still huge then but he got sent flying about 5 yards in the air by my crazy teammate. (Dirty blindside hit after the play was dead)
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                            Originally posted by superman8456 View Post
                            I went to school with Kobe Bryant at Lower Merion HS

                            He was a year ahead of me
                            No way? Another LM grad, nice. Class of '07 here :)

                            Go Aces.
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                              Originally posted by superman8456 View Post
                              Honestly, he basically ran the school. I remember he even got his own parking spot in the faculty parking lot.
                              Haha a lot of people park in the faculty parking lot :P

                              Originally posted by HawkeyeFan View Post
                              And you weren't friends with him!?!?
                              He was my neighbor growing up, but he's a lot older than me, so I didnt exactly know him. His parents still live here. Really nice people.

                              Originally posted by eaglesalltheway View Post
                              Closest thing for me, in terms of famous players, is Jaleel Clark, a WR who will be playing for Mizzou. I think he was a 2 or 3 star rpospect this year... But I haven't played with or against anyone big, at least to my knowledge...
                              Ugh. I wish Jaleel signed with Temple :(

                              I also forgot to mention that my HS won the 2007 PA HS state championship beating a Schenley team lead by DeJuan Blair.
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                                I wrestled the kid standing up screaming on the bus of the under armour commercial. He hasnt grew a inch after that commercial but added like 100 pounds of muscle.


                                I am 5'9 130 really pale and skinny as a rail. He is around 5'0 to 5'3 built like a body builder. As we walked onto the mat I heard people in the crowd laughing because we were polar opposites. He is also a legit wrestler, good enough to be a state champ and get recruited to d1 school



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