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Alright boys I need some serious help

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  • Alright boys I need some serious help

    I need to get 375 dollars fast! I don't have a job and have applied most places here. The reason for my need for this amount needs to stay under wraps. I just need some tips on making cash. I'm so desperate. I tried selling some of my stuff on craigslist but to no results. I'm ******* desperate!

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    I'm not supposed to be advocating drug dealing so, prostitution.

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      Any blood plasma donation sites around where you are. I did that for extra beer money in the Army.

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        Sperm bank.
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          1. "Pharmaceuticals"
          2. Blood Bank
          3. Sperm Bank

          What would all of this come out to?

          One thing about being a "Pharmecist" is that you need money to begin with lol


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            Lower your prices on craigslist. People will buy your stuff.


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              Originally posted by badgerbacker View Post
              Lower your prices on craigslist. People will buy your stuff.
              I'm selling a slim Ps2, two controllers, several games, and a TV for 60 bucks.

              A 8 gig Microsoft Zune for 65


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                What kind of sports collectibles do you have?


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                  Sell your games for gamestop credit. Sell the credit for cash. Basically pawn stuff.

                  Gamble (not 100%)

                  or...ask your homies. If it's dire enough they should pitch in.


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                    Donating plasma is definitely the way to go. You can donate it up to three times a week because it replenishes so quickly in your body, as opposed to blood which takes much longer. At most places, you can get $30-$40 per donation.

                    I'd do that or sell some stuff.

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                      Do you need cash or because collateral could work temporarily.

                      Also, the local pawn shop is probably your best option for getting money right now.


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                        Hit up the Casino.

                        If you have a Bank Account, see what kind of little deals they have. For example, Chase has the Freedom Card and they give you $50 after the first time you use it.. Use it at the dollar store or something.. Assuming you pay it off, you can cancel the card or never use it again. Easy $50.


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                          Depending on what state you live in, turn in your soda/beer cans for the refund.
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                            Apparently there's no Donation Centers for Plasma in a 125 mile radius of where I'm at.


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                              Since its the spring/summer people need to start mowing lawns, you could offer to mow lawns for people for a price.

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