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How Pathetic Is Your Life? Thread

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    Joined: January 1, 2007
    Videos Watched: 5,567
    Video Views: 1,170
    Lifestyle Rating: C

    Not too bad, but not good either.
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    I'm a state.


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      This is what my dad told me a couple days ago when I went to visit. "Its a sad world when guys start acting like you and would rather stay on the computer all day than have sex with girls." He is mad that I havent introduced him to any college girls.


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        Age: 22
        Join date: probably a little more than a year ago
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        Videos Uploaded: 0

        I'm 31,461 behind Lions WMD(the YT king)


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          Age: 21
          Joined: July 25, 2006
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          B. I'm a solid B student and i feel my life follows this pattern. If i rate my life by actual achievements i'd say it's a C+, if i rate it on how much fun i have, i'd say a good A


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            Age: 17
            Joined: September 14, 2007
            Videos Watched: 681

            Not too bad. Off of that I would give somewhere in the B range.

            I spend way too much time on here and Rivals, though. Haha.
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              Age: 35
              Joined: July 15, 2008
              Videos Watched: 920
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              Self assigned Lifestyle rating: B+

              2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack


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                Age: 21
                Joined: July 8, 2006
                Videos Watched: 4,831
                Videos Uploaded: 0

                I share this account with 4 or 5 friends. The actual amount of videos I've watched on youtube is probably closer to 1000. 1000 in almost 3 years isn't that bad. So B+



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                  Age: 19
                  Videos Watched: 5,622
                  Videos Uploaded: 1
                  Video Views: 85

                  That's not counting all the videos I watched not logged in.



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                    Age: 19
                    Joined: August 08, 2006
                    Videos watched: 3,095
                    Videos uploaded: None besides the ones I did to test out a FlipVideo for work this week. Too much unnecessary information?

                    Considering my account is always logged in on a shared computer (at least two more people using it consistently), that's not so bad. I do watch a lot of sketch comedy on there, though.


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                        april third, 2006
                        5,721 videos watched


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                          Bah! I already know my life is pathetic, I don't need this test!

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                            I joined a few days after Cloverfield debuted before Transformers in theatres.

                            Joined: July 7th, 2007

                            Watched: 3,267

                            Uploads: 1 (It's every Felix Jones touch and block in his first preseason game ; 3,718 views. Never thought it would even get that many)

                            Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                              Joined: March 17, 2006
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                                Originally posted by njx9
                                oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.



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