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  • Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
    Yeah, I got my own acoustic for Xmas, right now still just working on chord changes, which are really tough at the moment.
    Yeah, keep at it they'll get easier as you get more comfortable with where your suppose to fret. Just remember from changing one chord to the other is that the least amount of movement the better.

    Meaning, Im not sure if your using a book or a video to show you how to finger chords. A lot of times there are different ways to finger chords. There is no right or wrong as long as all the notes are being played. So just play them the most comfortable way for you to play them. If that makes any sense. lol


    • Originally posted by General Zod View Post
      Great job! What did you record it on?

      If I had to nitpick, I think maybe in the overall mix the vocals need to come down a touch. And the backup vocals up a hair. Your friend did a good job singing what kind of effect is on his vocals? It sounds like a little slapback delay? Maybe if the mix was just a bit more wet with a straight up reverb it would have kinda hide those couple spots where his pitch has off slightly. Also I think he was singing to close to the mic, because on the parts where he's got to belt out the higher register stuff, sounds like you might be getting a couple level spikes there.

      But thats all really nitpicking, you guys did a great job. Put up more songs and I'll listen.
      Thanks, I love the feedback!

      Recorded all of it with a Rode NT1-A mic. Mixed in Cubase LE4.

      The effects on the vocals were what Cubase calls a ping-pong delay, and slight reverb. Two vocal tracks overlap with very short delay on one of them. The spikes were my fault, I was monitoring it while he was singing and I didn't quite get the mic low enough at that portion. We should have done another take because this was the first and only take. Those problems would have been smoothed out, but oh well. Maybe we'll try again.

      What do you mean by adding a straight up reverb? Just add small reverb on everything?

      Originally posted by vikes_28 View Post
      Sounds great man. Can't believe how far you've come along since I first commented on your first video that you posted here.
      Thanks, I really appreciate it. Glad you remember.


      • Originally posted by dolphinfan2k5 View Post
        What do you mean by adding a straight up reverb? Just add small reverb on everything?
        More like a "hall" type reverb, but you dont have to set it up with a real long delay or decay.

        My experience with using short delays on vocals is that at times because of such quick response time, it can make the vocals sort of seem like its fighting itself for pitch.

        Thats the nitpicking part again. lol


        • Lookie here! I made a humidifier for my ukulele at crafts camp today!!!


          • 27 string guitar. Pretty wild..



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