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    Originally posted by vikes_29 View Post
    Sioux Falls, SD

    About 1/4 million people. It has the suburban town feeling cause there are no real tall buildings. The tallest building is 8 stories... But there are a lot of people. Good jobs. Nice homes. Good place to start a family. The girls are amazing. Girls in cowboy boots and cowboy hats is always hot. No we are not all related... That's only on the indian reservations. Sioux Falls is growing rapidly. About 2k a year.

    Chad Greenway is the only guy I can think of that grew up remotely close to Sioux Falls. He grew up in Mt. Vernon, SD, which is about 30 minutes west.
    My mom lives there, I ******* love Sioux Falls. I almost went to Augustana, and sometimes I wish I would have.



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