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    Originally posted by Brent View Post
    Monterey Pop Festival, 1967:

    Friday, June 16
    * The Association
    * The Paupers
    * Lou Rawls
    * Beverly
    * Johnny Rivers: That rich guy you been seein' has gone & let you down, So welcome back, baby, to the poor side of town
    * The Animals: Eric Burdon wrote an Animals song about Monterey Pop
    * Simon and Garfunkel: Played most of the hits of the Graduate soundtrack, starting with Sounds of Silence -- Hello darkness, my old friend...

    Saturday, June 17
    * Canned Heat
    * Big Brother and the Holding Company
    * Country Joe and the Fish: And it's 1, 2, 3, what're we fightin' for?
    * Al Kooper -- Where was Mike Bloomfield?
    * The Butterfield Blues Band
    * The Electric Flag
    * Quicksilver Messenger Service: Best ever 11-min. version of Who Do You Love?
    * Steve Miller Band
    * Moby Grape
    * Hugh Masekela
    * The Byrds: Pre-Gram Parsons era
    * Laura Nyro: Wrote Different Drum (big hit for Linda Ronstadt 12 yrs later)
    * Jefferson Airplane: Played the Big 3 festivals, Monterey, Woodstock & Altamont
    * Booker T. & the M.G.s
    * Otis Redding: His intro to the national stage, became star of the festival when he blew everyone away with Try A Little Tenderness, sadly only lived another yr.

    Sunday, June 18
    * Ravi Shankar
    * The Blues Project
    * Big Brother and the Holding Company
    * The Group With No Name
    * Buffalo Springfield: With a still-unknown Neil Young
    * The Who
    * Grateful Dead
    * The Jimi Hendrix Experience: After his success here he volunteered to close the show at Woodstock
    * Scott McKenzie
    * The Mamas & the Papas
    Per the History Channel feature Woodstock: Then & Now last night, Carlos Santana said he was peaking on mescaline when he was doing the Soul Sacrifice guitar solo & thought his guitar was a snake, remarkable he played so well on pure instinct. They did not show the band who was the consensus show-stealer, Alvin Lee & 10 Yrs. After playing Going Home, & they should have. THC does its usual excellent job on this landmark event, I noted they said Hendrix insisted on closing out the festival by playing Star-Spangled Banner & became an instant classic that transcends Boomers, Gen Xers & even Gen Yers. And where was Canned Heat, playing Refried Hockey Boogie? Where was Mountain?

    Burning Man is an Alternative art fest in Black Rock City, NV every Labor Day, btw, not a music fest.

    Also 40th anniversaries this summer of the 1st landing on the moon & the Tate/LaBianca Charles Manson murders & the Helter Skelter summer in LA.
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