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  • Originally posted by wogitalia View Post
    Why do I read that whole story as some idiot woman walking into your parked car and then kicking up a fuss?

    If I read it correctly, I loled correctly. If not... I still lol at it because I like my interpretation.

    Oh... and as someone who had to catch public transport to work today, I hate public transport.

    Who the hell designs a train for people who are 110lbs? Honestly, I had a guy I would describe as tiny and a girl who I would describe as normal, both about 110lbs, on either side of me and I still have to sit with my shoulders hunched forward, it is so ******* uncomfortable. Then as if to make things worse the idiot guy starts trying to fall asleep on my shoulder and then a fat chick stands between me and the only good looking female on the train. Need to fix my iPod asap is very apparent now that I will be frequenting the hell hole that is Perth public transport.

    On a positive... talked my way out of a $100 fine because my stupid "smartrider" card decided it didn't work so that's a positive.
    yes the women walked into a parked car w/ the door wide open. her elbow hit the wide open door.

    and yes I am glad I dont have to ride trains and other public transportation. My school has a shuttle and it is awkward enough sitting next to some rando, i couldnt imagine touching them.


    • she probably bitched at him about not being manly enough and sent him to qdoba.

      Haha, makes me think of a situation I was in a few years back. My mum has a disabled sticker that lets us park in the priority bays, legit, but I drove the car, parked and got out of the car well before her, as someone without back problems will do compared to someone with them. Anway this 40 something guy comes running over yelling abuse at me, I just shrug, and tell him I'm not disabled but my mum is and to look at the sticker, he says whatever when mum stands up out of the car and storms back to his wife. His wife gave him a serve for being a hot head and made him come back over with his tail firmly between his legs to apologise. Was quite funny seeing the way she basically verbally ***** slapped him into submission.

      Props to BK on the sig!


      • worst/funniest gym memory: I walked in on a dude buck naked clipping his toenails into the sick in the men's locker room... I JUST WANTED TO TAKE A PISS BUT NO! I HAD TO BE SUJBECTED TO THAT!

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        • wtf was he standing on the counter?


          • Originally posted by Ravens1991 View Post
            wtf was he standing on the counter?
            he had his foot up on the ******* counter. it was wrong on so many levels.

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            • Originally posted by jayceheathman View Post
              hahaha They do that at your gym? I have never seen that at my gym. I am glad they wear clothes. I am guessing no girl comes in to the sauna like that though?
              It is a male only sauna (in the men's locker room - the women have their own). I don't mind it if someone is in there, I have no problem being friendly, introducing myself and starting a conversation. I do have a problem when the sign is so big that Ray Charles could read it and yet this guy still goes in naked as a jay bird. I told him to go put some shorts on - he didn't come back in, but his sweaty butt prints were still there. I felt like "rage guy".

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              • I hate Illinois Nazis.


                • Originally posted by Brent View Post
                  he had his foot up on the ******* counter. it was wrong on so many levels.
                  o **** that picture in my mind made it even worse.


                  • Actually yeah, while we're on this topic, why do middle-aged men feel the need to be completely naked in the locker room whenever possible. God I hate seeing that.

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                    • Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
                      I hate Illinois Nazis.
                      Ironic you say that I just read about Skokie 1977 yesterday.

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                      Originally posted by fenikz
                      we all hate you


                      • To Ravens:

                        You should have looked their children straight in the eye and said "Santa Clause doesn't exist"

                        That would have been epic.


                        • Originally posted by Job View Post
                          In Houston I'd get shot after two days.
                          Or the 1st time you flipped someone off. People in Texas will bully you on the roads in all manner of ways & dare you to do something in retaliation. Houston is particularly bad b/c of the crowded fwys. merging everywhere without adequate warning -- people I know from Houston have told me seriously that in that city "you point your car to the exit or where you wanna go & let the other guy look out" ...... very scary.

                          Like when there's road construction & there always is some kind of it somewhere in urban Texas every day, they close one lane & put a warning LANE CLOSED AHEAD sign & the traffic is backed up way past the warning sign, so a-holes see it & race each other to run ahead in the lane that is closed a few ft. ahead to cut into the line of backed up cars way ahead of you back in that line. That grinds my gears every time, happened to me in Austin almost daily commuting to & from work when I lived there during it's massive urban road upgrade in the 80s. It's worse when they pull off a FM rd. 2-laner on to a dirt road in a pickup & punch it just as they enter the gravel to sling it on your windshield or grill with bullet velocity, outrageous but it happens & keeps stoned windshield replacement shops in business.

                          In Texas drivers who think they're badass will antagonize you by cutting you off by passing that forces you to slam on brakes & then point to the right when you honk or flip them off meaning let's pull off the road & settle it personally right here. Word of warning: Don't fall for it. The odds are overwhelming that this jerk has a firearm in his car & will use it & tell the cops later how it was all your fault -- you can't speak b/c you'll be en route to the hospital in an EMS wagon if you're lucky. I reported this dangerous behavior with his plate no. to cops in Ft. Worth who acted very disinterested, it happens so frequently there they rarely follow up on this public menace on the roads.

                          It is even more irksome when when the drivers of those oversized vehicles (usually trucks with tires taller than your entire vehicle AKA a-hole mobiles) squeeze you out in crowded fwy. lanes out of sheer intimidation.... this happens all over, I see it every day in California.

                          Fact is about 1/3rd of the vehicles in Texas have a gun in them, & that's just the guns the law enforcement knows about. You have to assume when you're challenged to go to fist city there that the jerk in the other vehicle is armed & they will shoot 1st & ask questions later, when it happens think about that huge homicide rate in the Lone Star state & stay in your freaking car & dial 911.


                          • Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
                            To Ravens:

                            You should have looked their children straight in the eye and said "Santa Clause doesn't exist"

                            That would have been epic.
                            Extra points for throwing the tooth fairy and easter bunny as well.

                            Also my remedy to the situation is to say that she wouldn't have hit your car if he kept that dog on a leash.

                            Originally posted by Scott Wright
                            Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
                            Originally posted by njx9
                            do i tell you when to flip the burger?


                            • Southern California + Rush Hour + Rain = Hell


                              • Snow!

                                That is all

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                                SSAEL....... its a new revolution!

                                Originally posted by Job
                                On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                                Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                                So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!



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