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September 11th

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  • September 11th

    I for one would enjoy hearing the memories that members of this forum have of 9/11. I will thank everyone in advance for not letting thread become a political discussion of any kind and remain a tribute to those who passed as well as a thank you to those who responded.

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    It feels so long ago now. I was back in my early years at high school and I remember pretty well everything that was going on. For 24-48 hours all 3-4 commercial channels were covered in non-stop footage.


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      Any chance I can I like to show my appreciation to those who serve this country whether armed forces, civil servants, law enforcement, etc. This day is a day that will forever be in my mind. Thoughts and prayers will always be with those who lost their lives.
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        I was in my senior year of high school at the time. I remember being a mix of nervous and angry. I remember there being rumors all over the place that there were other planes in the air and that it was only beginning. I remember my English teacher's son was living a few blocks from the WTC and how relieved she was when he called and said he had slept through the attacks and was fine.

        And I remember the asshole gas stations using it as an excuse to jack up gas prices. In some areas it spiked to over $5/gallon.

        I remember for days afterward there were no planes in the sky, no jet engine trails, no helicopters, nothing.

        I appreciate those who left their lives behind to go to NY, from all over the nation, to rescue the victims of the attack. The deaths of those trying to save others are equally heroic and sad.


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          I remember my high school teacher wouldn't let us watch it and told us that Al queda didn't do it because they had initially denied it.

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            I remember everyone's parents calling the school and picking up their kids. I was the only dickhead in all my classes the rest of the day...........My parents didn't care :(.

            On a serious note **** AL QUEDA!!!!! I give all the respect to anyone who serves with our military. There is a boy in my class that was a marine for 4 years and served 2 tours in Iraq. He got a standing ovation in the class. Firefighters, Cops, and everyone who helped during this tragic time.
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            Just let it go RWO.
            We as Ravens fans are clearly scum of the earth, and should just be happy that these great people, who cheer for nothing than the finest, morally impeccable players, playing on the finest, most morally impeccable teams, will grace us with their presence, and words of wisdom.

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              I was in 6th grade and I was in my English class. It was the brightest, clearest day possible. Our princpal came on over the loudspeaker I think at almost 11 and said there had been an attack on the World Trade. The majority of us didn't know what that was and our teacher explained it to us. When I got home that day I watched CNN with my mom and could not believe what I was seeing. My history teacher down the hall was very concerned because her son lived nearby. To this day I will never forget all of the details of where I was and what happened.

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                I was in 7th grade getting ready for school and seen it happening on TV. It was unreal for me.. It didn't feel like it was happening. I couldn't help but feel for all people involved for a very long time. I usually feel for people who have passed away but this was by far the worst I have ever experienced. This lady that went to my church was on one of those planes. I would feel absolutely crushed everytime I seen her husband or her kids.


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                  I was in 5th grade, and being Canadian, I didn't have much of an idea of what the World Trade Center was. Our school also didn't have cable television anywhere, so while we tried watching a bit of the coverage on unfocused, unclear television, it was difficult.

                  We stayed in class the whole day, and I remember a slightly bigger story being how an airport in Newfoundland housed some American planes who were grounded their once the attacks happened.
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                    I was in the military at the time. We were doing EIB practice (military guys will know what that is). One of the guys came down to our platoon area and said that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers. A bunch of us went into my room and started watching the coverage. I saw the second plane hit the tower as it happened. Then they said that a plane had hit the Pentagon. We just kind of looked at each other and said "We're going." Then everyone started getting their gear ready for deployment. It was one of the most intense feelings/experiences of my life.

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                      being a late sleeper, i remember turning on the tv as i woke up and just the shock of the second plane hitting the towers and the sick feeling of, is this really happening?


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                        I was a freshmen in college attending school in the Bronx and quite hungover that morning. One of the locals bars that let in underage kids had Monday night football specials. It was week 1, and the Giants were playing Denver. Remember McCaffrey broke his leg that night.

                        My mom called that morning and woke me up and told me not to go into Manhattan cause there had been an attack. I watched a lot of it on TV and at one point went to the highest buliding on campus and could see all the smoke from a distance.

                        The most memorable thing to me was the following week. And the fear that had come over a lot of people. Class was cancelled all week but I remember not being able to get home until Friday because all the bridges/tunnels/trains were closed. Also the jet fighters and military choppers flying overhead for the next week or so was very memorable. We had a vigil on campus which was interrupted a bit by a loud chopper flying over head.

                        Also remember getting a ton of AIM messages that day from friends wondering if I was ok. Apparently people didn't know that the Bronx was a decent distance from the WTC and many thought I was pretty close to the carnage.


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                          8th grade math class. Principal tells us over the loud speaker, most obnoxious kid says "cool!" (ironically hes now serving in Iraq). Math teacher wouldnt turn it on.

                          2nd hour science teacher (one of my all time favorites) did. I dont have a gun, I dont like war, and Ive never gotten into a real fight. But the science teacher said "Nuke em til they glow and shoot em in the dark." I thought that was kinda funny.

                          Got home and watched with the fam. Played with my dog to get away from it for a while, thought it was wierd how she (being a dog) had no idea the world was changing. Sounds dumb maybe but whatever.

                          My older but little sister is 100% physically healthy after serving more than a year in both Afgahnastan(sp?) and Iraq. But she, like many who've served, still cant watch fireworks without flinching and thinking of their barracks being hit with RPGs almost every night. (Something she thankfully didnt tell us happened until she came back)

                          I cant imagine what that was like for somebody who had a loved one in one of those buildings. And I am forever grateful to those whove served or continue to do so.

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                            I was in my 7th grade math class and an announcement went over the PA system when the first tower hit; I'm from Boston so there were a lot of people I went to school with who had parents who were pilots, flying on business, or somewhere else of concern so it was bad. The teacher put the TV on right away and we were watching the coverage then we saw the second tower hit right away. One of my friends mom was an AA flight attendant so he left school, another one of my friends dad was an AA pilot so he did the same, but the scariest was another kid in my grades mom was supposed to be in a meeting at the top of the first tower but she was sick and stayed in the hotel so she (along with the other two kids parents) were OK. I did know some kids who knew people who died and that was terrible, my dad worked and still does work cargo at Logan Airport for NWA so he knew a good amount of people who died. At that point, we had no idea what was going to happen from there on out (like most people) so my dad packed up the car with a bunch of 5 gallon water jugs and food and was ready to drive up to NH for a few days.

                            The one thing I remember most about 9/11 is after getting let out of school early, right when I got home two fighter planes screamed over. I couldn't tell you how low exactly they were, but they were low and loud. As a 7th grader, thats when I realized the severity of the situation. I will never forget that moment or many moments that day.


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                              Let's see, I was at football practice, and it was my sophomore year of HS. One of the trainers was like, "some plane just hit the WTC" and we were like, "that's crazy how could you not see that coming?" thinking it was an accident.

                              After practice, I saw like 20 people staring at the TV in the training room and when I peeked in, that's when the first one collapsed. Basically, the school didnt even bother teaching, everyone was just watching TV the whole day. Then they canceled all after-school stuff and left every one leave early.

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