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    Originally posted by niel89 View Post
    I have a Zune and an iPod. Frankly I like my zune better based on one main point. My Zunes battery is much better then the ipod. If I leave them both untouched for a week the ipod will be dead and my zune will have full battery still. The Ipod touch does have great apps and such but as a straight up music/video player, I like my zune much better.

    The Zune HD is coming out so you can either wait and snag one of those when it comes out or you can get an older one for cheap.
    What year is your iPod. I got a mini last year as a gift, and I could go using it roughly 2 hours 5 days maybe more and leave it alone for the rest of the time and I still have half if not more battery left. Usually need to charge every week and a half 2 weeks depending on use. The older ones I remember were horrible in battery life

    Originally posted by bearsfan_51
    Show me your Wang, if you will.



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